Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I've been up to

These days other than arena games everything I do is geared toward the expansion. As far as my druid goes I'm waiting to see what leather working is going to offer in the expansion. I'll be making some kind of move with my professions soon. Otherwise I'm looking to pick up Brutal Gladiator's Wyrmhide Gloves and 16 more badges for Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector. I did ten 2 vs 2 games with Sylvara (sub rogue), so I picked up some points. We went 5-5, we could have easily gone 7-3 but some screwing up prevented that.

I have been doing as much group pvp as I can with Homerjay, I'm still way behind on marks. I'd like to cap by marks out by the expansion, that isn't looking good. The last two weeks Honor's and I have done 54 games, we have gone 27-27 and lost 4 rating points. I guess we are a 1400 or so team. I'm going to try working in Lakini into some games, in theory this should help our rating. The reason I'm doing this is really to get points on my druid for those gloves, if it help our rating a bit I'll do it beyond that.

I just hit level 68 with my hunter. I have been able to do some five mans, which has been really nice. Ferth leveling his pally tank and having a wife who heals makes it pretty easy to put together a group. My dps has been much higher than I expected. I had myself over 600 dps on the first boss in Sethekk Halls, pretty good for a 67 with a 63 pet. I have no trouble keeping up with non raid geared players, even with a pet 3 or 4 levels lower than I am. My trapping has been failure for the most part, much learning to be done there.

I have noticed a big increase in ganking since I left Zangarmarsh. I was only ganked once from 60 to 64, not the case from 64 to 68. One night I got 12 hks with Homerjay shooing horde away from my questing area. I'm going to have to keep him close by. I was able to get to 68 without doing any quests in Blade's Edge, Netherstorm, or Shadowmoon so I won't have shortage of quests to get to 70. Thanks to rested xp of course, leveling without it for wotlk will suck. I have been 70 for way more than a week and a half, rested xp please.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the hunter once I hit 70. My guess is not much, I don't want to do any bgs with him until Homerjay is all done there, I don't see that happening. Ferth may be running regular 70 instances which I would do with Jøsiah. That's all.

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