Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A few things

Well, the reroll plan died, a couple months too late for such a thing. I'd still like to pick a server where we have a guild of horde alts. Icecrown would be my choice, pve and lots of progression, full AH and same battlegroup as Altar of Storms. Leveling up alts when you have nothing better to do is quite different then rushing to be 70 and ready for the expansion in two months.

I have started selling my bc type stuff. I don't want to try to sell a bunch of void crystals two weeks before the expansion comes out. Jewelcrafting is nearly done, 372 just need ot cut a three more meta gems. I'd really like to upgrade my bracers but that requires 14 badges I'll never see, crappy season one bracers for leveling it is. The new balance trees are out, the only problem is I can spend over 90 points (resto and balance) on talents that would help my dps, that's what I call bloat. I'll go in depth eventually.

Not much on the Rogue front, still waiting on the new talent trees. Steadily improving on the arena front, I'm thinking we'll top 1500 this week.

The hunter has progressed nicely, level 70 for a couple of weeks. All blues but one trinket, no welfare gear either. No kara runs to gear me up, just regular five mans and some quest rewards. I still haven't bought the epic flying mount, can't bring myself to spend the gold. Working on getting Bitey to level 70, I haven't decided if I want to level another pet or just wait until the patch to grab my exotic pet. I guess that's all.


Honors Code said...

Let me know where you guys put the alt guild. You might want to consider a server not on the AoS battlegroup as Battlegroups tend to go down together.

I have a couple of alts on Mannoroth (PVP) if you'd like to try there.

Bacon said...

I agree with the TBC materials. I've been dumping somethings on the AH for 2 weeks now. The only things I've been stock piling have been herbs. I have a couple of alts with alot of herbs from the lower levels up to the Crater.