Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another doomed attempt at forming an arena team

The arena points you get in 2 vs 2 arenas blow. A horrible 5's teams gets more points than a 1500 2's team. So I have posted on my guild forums to see anyone who is teamless wants to form a team. I give this about a zero percent chance of happening. I have made plenty of posts on our guild forums about arena teams and have formed zero so far. Even someone looking for a rogue, I post, no response. That's why I stopped spending honor points, I can't get more than one team.

I'm thinking that I may have to look for another guild for my rogue come level 80. I do zero arenas with any guildmates. I know some people have teams, or a rogue doesn't work in their comp and such, but no matter what the reason why stay? I don't care what the reason, if I signed up for raids on a regular basis and never got in, I would be gone. Why have a pvp toon in a guild where no one will do arenas with you?


Honors Code said...

I'm in!

Ferth said...

Don't forget about my 5v5 arena plans in the expansion....Of course this still require's that the night/time we pick to do these on as a guild fit's your schedule :\

Lakini said...

That's the problem Ferthy, there are a lot of obstacles in getting arena team together.

Bryan said...

Don't let it get you down that you dont get a team together right away. It took me 6 months to get on a 5's team.

Me and Stadc started out in arenas losing about 20 or 30 games to get to 1200 rating. Let me tell you that is not a fast way to get geared!

We eventually got our rating up to the 1500s and then decided we were geared enough to get a 3s team going. Then I lucked out and finally did get a 5's team.