Monday, September 08, 2008

Too much spirit

With gear being changed in to work for more classes I thought my itemization problems were over, I could roll into a raid or 5 man and have just a good a chance of getting something I need as rogue or lock. Then I saw how leather caster gear looks and it looks bad. There is more spirit on the 5 tier 7 moonkin gear, 234, then I have, 134, in my current raid set, 130 base 0 from gear and 4 from an enchant I need to replace. I'd prefer to see that sort of increase on a dps stat.. I assumed this would change, the I read this. . .

Spirit for casters in WotLK
As I posted in another thread, some amount of Spirit is something that all casters are going to need a lot more of. You can't stack shadow priests like you used to, and you can't downrank. Mana management is a part of all caster classes, not just trying to maximize the pewpew. We got away from that a little in BC.

We also don't always design gear to be perfectly optimal for everyone. Part of the game is examining a piece of gear, deciding if you need it or not, and how it will really benefit you. If your set pieces are perfectly optimized, it makes it less interesting to look at any other drops until you're at the next tier. (Now I'm not saying we're going to give you Str and Parry either.)

That said, I will bring up whether we could afford to trade a little spirit for crit on your gear. (Source)

Here is the link to the gear

This doesn't work, spirit has no use outside the 5 second rule unless you put 13 points into resto. With the current talent tress I don't have the point to get there. How can say you need spirit when it has no effect on a balance druids other than that? It benefits nothing else. The gear is loaded with intellect and spirit which does very little to increase dps. If they want load up on these stats then make them convert similar to strength and agility to attack power does. If spirit and intellect converted to spell damage then this would work.

The blue must also be unaware that elemental shaman are casters and have zero spirit on any of there gear. The bottom line is cloth gear looks to be better than leather right now, so nothing fixed, nice work. That's all.


Blue said...

I agree that this will end up being problematic. It was my understanding that mana issues were to be downplayed in WOTLK to allow hybrids to have fewer issues with oom. So far I have seen nothing of the sort. The spirit changes with regards to dps seem odd and out of place...maybe I just have not researched this enough.

One thing that troubles me is the constant haste push that blizz is going for. Haste is a dramatic dps increase for me but at a huge cost to my mana. It is going to be an interesting equation for us between haste/crit/mp5/spirit etc..

Bacon said...

I noticed that none of that set had mp5 on it, hence the reason for the big spirit increase. I dunno

Mister K said...

From everything I've seen it looks like intensity is going to be mandatory, which sucks because it means your going to have to be really picky with the talents you take in balance

Mister K said...

Also with improved Moonkin form using 15% of your spirit for spellpower more spirit means more damage YEAH! So 56/0/15 with intensity and master shapeshifter(4% more spell damage) looks to be an amazing spec to me.