Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Patch 3.0.2

Much has changed with the patch like the number of Ret paladins for instance and number of gnomes with mohawks. I was assume that was Mr. T's doing (the hair, not the other thing).

So I have a druid, this druid of mine is 56/0/5 specced. In the world of pve I'd say my damage has almost doubled. They raised the base damage of starfire, wrath and insect swarm and with the glyph of starfire and the glyph of moonfire I rule the world. The starfire glyph will be nerfed in 3.0.3 though. Sure, Ghostcrawler said it wouldn't be, he lied. They are going to force balance druids to take Eclipse if it kills them. Most players have said they don't like it nor want it, so Blizzard has buffed it to the point where it a pretty big dps loss to skip it. Three more talent points that I need in a very bloated tree.

Wait, this isn't about the next patch. Anyway, we did ZA and it was cake. If we had any practice at raiding with our new ablilites we would have got the four chests and cleared. Screwing up, instance server issues and bed times kept us to two chests and one nine man attempt on Zuljin.

As far as pvping with balance I found it is better than I thought it would be. Dueling was easier than expected. Though I need Starfall to be up beat melee, I do a lot of damage if someone isn't all stabbing me and such.

So I have a rogue, I decided to go 8/0/53 spec. I haven't done enough bgs to see how effective it is. I forget to use shadow dance so I have yet to decide if I like it. Arenas or Ret paladin land as I call it, went okay. Mostly because I have a ret paladin on my team. We went 9-0 versus non ret teams, 1-6 otherwise. We would have been 2-5 but another feature with the new patch is lag and Honors got owned during a lag spike. Last week Ferth (playing Sameth) and I went 6-1 getting our poorly geared alts some arena points. I'm not sure that would be a good idea now, Ret paladin land is unforgiving when you go without one.

I decided to keep going with blacksmithing though pvp with Homerjay will be what I do when I'm bored with pve. I don't think I'll rehash why again. So I'm 349/375, 360 being the magic number, I'm done when I hit there until Wrath. Then the joy of leveling herbalism, I'll take up alchemy on my death knight most likely, maybe Lakini if it looks better than an extra glyph slot.
I have a lot other things I could add, but I won't. That's all.

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