Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Balance Leveling in Wotlk

Posting on the guild forums gets no response, will that stop from posting here, no. In my three years or so of playing balance and leveling to 50 then rerolling another druid all the way to 70 as balance I feel like I have a grasp of how to level with the spec. I have also wasted much time reading about all the changes going on the beta and sadly could pick my spec without using the calculator as have the balance tree memorized.

I think I'll go 58/0/3. I plan using the Glyph of Entangling Roots and innervate glyph (not on wowhead right now). For killing solo mobs, I'd use Starfire, then Moonfire, if starfire crits the mobs will be dead. If not I'll use Entangling Roots and Insect Swarm, the mob will not survive. My goal is to do as much aoe grinding as possible, the changes to Hurricane and the addition of owlkin frenzy make this possible. The key is to avoid mobs that can silence or kick, that's not good.

I didn't take much in resto as it doesn't increase my dps until tier 3, which is my leveling concern. Everything I have read on the beta says 2 points in owlkin frenzy is all you need so I wouldn't put anymore in there. Eclipse is crap for leveling as is improved insect swarm, you shouldn't cast more than one starfire per mob, increasing your chance to crit by 3% for 3 points isn't good. Improved ff is garbage at all times and I'm far above the hit cap for leveling so I don't want balance of power (a resto geared player may want to grab it). I don't worry about instance performance in my build, it's not worth slowing down solo leveling. Also we should outgear anything up to level 78 or so as far as instances go.

What talents to get as I level? The rest of the talents left aren't very good for leveling in my opinion, so I'm not real worried about it. Genesis giving me 1% on my dots per talent point is awful for my money. Improved mark is okay, natural shapeshifter and master shapeshifter are probably the way to go then it's level 80. That's all.

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