Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A couple more things about the patch

So I have this hunter that I use for things. Getting killed in world pvp and low dps are some of my hobbies. I grabbed a core hound as my new pet, Landmonster is the name. Named after my first pet (in game) and it seemed appropriate for such a beast.

I did kara last week with him and I didn't like it. Something about being outdpsed by the tank that ruins it for me. I got a couple of pieces of gear which was nice, but I didn't feel like I was pulling my weight, I hate that. I was outgeared by everyone and am not very experienced. I did learn that volley isn't awful anymore. It was hitting for as much as hurricane on my druid. Some at Blizzard have noted moonkin aoe damage is high. Well if my hunter in blues can match it it can't be that high. Anyway no more raiding for Jøsiah, if there is anyone to be carried in a raid it will be someone else, and I'll do the carrying.

I also have a shaman, level 34 now. I made the toon a while ago, I hit level 24 or 25 in a couple of weeks which was about 10 levels lower than my hunter. As you can see the hunter has pulled a head a bit. The patch has made leveling much nicer. Having water shield and the new totems is beautiful. Having my 4.0 speed two hander swing at 3.5 or so is a nice improvement. With awful gear other than my weapon I can kill mobs pretty quickly and and never need to drink. I wish elemental was better for leveling, I use chain lightning to pull (not a great idea) just because I like shooting lightning at things. I don't want to talk about this anymore, that's all.

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