Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm level 80 now

Well, I have been (level 80) since Saturday, the pain is over. I "rushed" to 80, I couldn't help it. As long as I was not at the level cap end game stuff like heroics were not available to me, and that made me sad.

Leveling itself wasn't bad, wasn't great though. Borean Tundra was pretty good, Howling Fjord wasn't soo much. It had a few too many quests where 90% of your time was spent on your mount going between the quest giver and the poop they wanted you to get or thing they wanted you to kill. Dragonblight was great, good quests and not tons running around. Grizzly Hills was fine, I only got ganked once there (others have had trouble) and I got my revenge on him.

Then I hit level 77, I could fly again, I love flying. I finished Grizzly Hills and moved to Zul Drak which I hated for the most part, I then moved to a basin which i cannot spell. I loved it as well, they wanted me to kill stuff rather than run errands for them, I prefer the roll of mercinary over poop scooper. I finished things off in Storm Peaks by killing some kobold who was hassling some goblins.

I was able to get myself spell hit capped right after leveling and have done a couple of heroics. I was the tenth in the guild to hit 80 and we have 12 now. Now comes the drama, as soon as Naxx is scheduled. I don't know when it will happen, but when it does the tears and flames will be flying. That's all.

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