Monday, December 01, 2008

Playing with Fire

Now that there are enough level 80's to raid, I'm getting ready to ask the same question I asked when we had enough keyed for Karazhan, what are we waiting for? Then I was in a hurry to get into Karazhan, I can honestly say I'm not to raid Naxx. I have a ton to do in game, plenty of new instances, heroics and I have my alts to level as well.

I know without hearing much that there are people who don't want us to raid yet. The reason being those who aren't raiding will be behind and I assume want to go in when it's brand new to the guild. Not raiding now won't help either of those. Level 80's will be running heroics and getting the emblems and getting Naxx level gear. If we did Naxx tommorow two of our twelve 80's wouldn't be going, when we have more 80's it will still be a ten man. One would assume those with better gear will be doing Naxx first not those who just hit 80.

People play the game at their own speed, some were leveling faster than I wanted to, I had a choice level faster and get into end game with better gear or go at my own slower pace. I chose to speed up, I can smell the roses with my alts. I didn't expect people to slow down or speed up to match my pace. I don't expect anyone to hurry up so I can raid, nor would expect anyone to wait for me, it's Heroes Inc not Lakini Inc.

People are going to get mad no matter what happens with raiding, that is how it has always been. I'm ready to get the flames flying and get it over with. That's all.


Bacon said...

You know I was afraid and concerned that I wouldn't be 80 in time for Naxx. But now that's all gone away. Sure I just hit 77 last night, but I can't get worried about hitting 80 in time for the first Naxx raid. If the guild starts it without me, then that's something I have to accept. If you guys have it on farm status by the time I hit 80, then that's just another thing I'll have to accept. Eventually something will happen that'll make raiding fun for me. What that is or when it happens only the majority consensus of the guild will decide that.

Blue said...

There is no way in the world all 15 bosses in Naxx will be on farm by the time your 80. It would even be a MAJOR stretch to say that we are even farming one wing of the place if your 80 in the next two weeks.

Bacon said...

Well me being level 80 in the next two weeks will be a major stretch. :)