Tuesday, December 30, 2008

KT Down

So last night Team Lakini took care of the Construct quarter, Sapphiron and the big guy. Seemed a bit hollow to me, clearing Naxx that is. Probably because it's easy, yes the no lifers who cleared everything in the first fifteen minutes of Wotlk were right. Naxx is way too easy.

Sapphiron is the only fight I would say is hard. Just about every other fight took two attempts to get the fight down. Kel'thuzad himself was a one shot. It didn't feel like progression, the most attempts on a boss was five, Sapphiron. The raid is well done the boss fight are fun, except a couple of evil ones. The probelm is you can basically get a couple of uncrittable tanks some dps and healers and you're good at least through the four quarters.

I was hoping for more of a challenge, the dps and healing required was too low. We beat enrage timers wth only 4 dps and were able to do wings of the place with only two healers one of which hit level 80 the day before. If we had wanted to we could cleared the place the day our 10th hit 80 if we had 6 hours to raid. I'll make post comparing Naxx to Kara pretty soon, but I'm out of time, that's all.

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