Monday, December 29, 2008

Trying to PVP

After arenas and the new pvp gear vendors appeared I noticed a change in my daily quest routine. It involved getting ganked over and over again. Which decreased the enjoyment a bit and there isn't much in doing daily quests. I decided I had better get some pvp gear, I play on a pvp server so it seemed like a good idea.

I found the best way to get honor was to do Strand of the Ancients and Wintergrasp. I could do the concerted efforts quest for 930 honor for every token I picked from strand, till I run out of the other marks anyway. I found wearing my old pvp gear to not be practical, it lowers my dps a lot and keeps me alive for about an extra 2 or 3 seconds.

One thing I have enjoyed about the new pvp are the vehicles, you gear, class and spec don't matter in those. Since I fail at gear and spec that makes for a much more pleasant experience. I can do a lot of damage, but I'm based around a couple of cooldowns and zero survivability. Which leads me to main and really only reason why I'm not going to use my druid as main pvp toon.

Deathknights, there 800,234,385 horde deathknights on our server and they could kill me no matter how much lag they had. They could kill me if their kid took their mouse and ran out of the room. Unless they disconnect or are naked they will kill me. Even if they are bad, unless every dk I have run into is good. I don't mind having a counter, but I already had those I was fine with that. Every battleground I have done has at least 3 to 4 dks, 3 or 4 players who could target me and parade a couple of mice on their keyboard and kill me. To hell with that.

While old Homerjay isn't going to be owing deathknights, I'l be able to dps them while they look around for moonkins to kill. I'll probably have to use daggers, eww. I don't like them, but not as much as I dislike not using the spec best available to me. If only my paladin was higher than level 4, I would start dominating arenas with Honors with a dual prot pally team. Blizzard is to pvp class balance as France is to winning wars. That's all.

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Bacon said...

First of all I think I heard this somewhere before :) , "They could kill me if their kid took their mouse and ran out of the room."

Secondly, I have to agree with you after going 2-8 in arenas as resto. The only times we managed to win was extreme CC and LOS on a frost mage for one match, and CC on a Holy Pally while outsurviving a DK. Dual DPS in 2v2 is just brutal.