Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blame Canada

Well, that is the name of the raid group at the moment. I haven't really said a lot about what has been going on in the world of raiding, I figure it's about time. As you may have guessed from my screen shot from last week we have cleared all ten man content. We have one thing left which is Sarth with drakes up. Ten man Sarth with drakes up is the hardest content on the game right now and I can tell. Nothing else we have tried in wotlk compares to it. Since we don't have access to 25 man raid gear the challenge is even bigger. Last night after one shotting Malygos for our second kill we gave Sarth with two and then one drakes a good 14 attempts, before killing the last drake then killing Sarth. The difference in difficulty is huge, Sarth alone took us all of 3 minutes to kill.

Lots of different things went wrong on different attempts but I think our dps need to be much higher to pull off getting beyond one drake. Two of us were at 3,000 on our kill, I'm thinking we will all need to be around 4000 to do 2 or 3 drakes. I only have 2 upgrades left so I'm not sure how I'm going to up my dps another 1k, but I'll see what i can do.

Looks like Blame Canada has lost two of it members, not sure why they aren't raiding anymore. We will need to add some caster dps for sure. We lost our resto shaman and warlock leaving us with two dps casters and two healers. Grabbing anyone in guild is out of the question, sniping someone from the other raid group is bad form. We lose someone so they need to recruit? So that means we need recruit, eww. I don't have to do it which is nice, for me. Finding someone who fits sounds like a nightmare. It has been really nice having almost zero change in the guild roster over the past 6 months.

I would also wonder what if any issues might be caused by recruiting someone into the guild. There is no logical reason for it bother anyone in the other raid group, except that people don't like change, but it shouldn't really effect them. Like I said before people aren't going to taken from one group to the other, it isn't fair to the group losing a person.

Our group is pretty used to playing with each other. Raiding and looting specifically is so much less complicated when you know everyone you are raiding with is there for the long haul, not for loot so they can join a more progressed guild. So adding a new face doesn't excite me, but we can't go with only ten. Raids will end up being called when ever someone can't make it and there will be burn out.

On another note what would happen if one of our wayward memebers returned and wanted to join back up (they didn't leave the guild, just stopped raiding)? For me it depends on why they left, it's purely real life issuse and there is room I have no problem. If they just bored with raiding or something along those lines then I would not be okay with it. If that's why they left I don't really care, it's not commitment for life, it's a game, but once you do that your gone as far as I'm concerned. I'm not interested in raiding with someone who is there when it is new then disappears, then reappears when they deem it interesting again or something new comes out, I'm just not.

Anyway, Ten man raid group looking for 2.5k+ lock, mage or shadow priest who is fine with only doing ten man content who can raid Monday and Wednesday nights. We have Naxx and Malygos on farm, working on Sarth +drakes and gearing up for Ulduar. Pst Ellevis for more info.

I don't see anything in here that should make anyone mad, but I did put my opinion on things in here and ussually does the trick, that's all.

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