Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Weekend of Violence

It has become my custom to respec for pvp/arenas for the weekend. We did a few bgs on Saturday night and got a couple of achievements. Afterwards I did some 2 vs 2 arenas with Bluetide on his ret pally. We got as high 1580 or so but finished at 1522, we did like 45 games over the week. I also did some games with the 5 vs 5 team on Sunday, we upped our rating to a sweet 1389 (I think). I played in seven of those games, we won all of them. We played this awful 5 dps team four times and then a team called "We Need the Points" the other three.

Despite the many flaws in arenas right now I'm having fun. I don't need to tell you there is no class balance in wow. You probably already heard burst damage is out of control. Moonkin/ret pally is a decent comp and it is fun. Having done hundreds of games with Honors during season 4 I know to play with the class. Our basic strat for teams with a healer is to have Blue jump on him while I cyclone the dps, starfall, then nuke away. Healers who aren't holy pallies don't survive this, and a lot noob pallies don't either. If it's 2 dps Blue charges in and beats on one, once he bubbles I Starfall and nuke his target (I'm stealthed until then). The starfall nerf, which I won't get into, will make both these less effective in the future. My rogue is now 76, soon I'll be doing all my pvp with him and since they aren't nearly as good as balance druids in pvp I won't have to worry about being nerfed.

Really right now I much prefer arenas to bgs. With so many people rerolling death knights because their class is awful at pvp they are full of them. I already wined about that though. The only time I'm sad in arenas is when a couple of melee get a hold of me, bop is pretty great for that though. Anyway I lied before about rogues, assassination rogues are op. I can hold my own in Wintergrasp against 80's as long as they aren't a ret pally for the most part. Level 80 clothies who are not mages are pretty easy, mages are killable. I look forward to seeing what I can do in the arenas when I hit 80. That's all.

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