Monday, January 12, 2009

How to outdps your friends as a moonkin Part Three

So we have gear, you need this to do your job. I'm not going to post some list of preraid gear or anything like that. I also am not going to tell you what heroics to farm or what best for each gear slot. Lots of people have done that already I and I refuse to do a raid or heroic for a certain piece of gear. I will tell you what emblem rewards to grab and some rep pieces and a couple of crafted items you'll want as well how to enchant and gem your gear. Any gear that drops in 25 mans won't be mentioned as I don't do them.

First priority is to get hit capped. The make of your group determines how much you need. The cap is 17% and one percent hit is 26.23 hit rating. Talents should give you 4%, a shadow priest will give you another 3% or you can spec improved faerie fire, and a Draenei in your group will give you another 1%. Ring of Northern Tears is a great option if you are short.

Rep rewards, I'm just going to pick a couple that are easy to get without using the tabards in level 80 dungeons. The Dark Soldier Cape from the Knights of the Ebon Blade and Sash of the Wizened Wyrm from Wyrmrest, if you do all the quests and some dailes you should able to get the rep needed pretty quickly and these both help you get hit capped.

Onto emblem rewards, emblems are pretty easy to get these days as heroics are much easier and shorter than they once were. Assuming you are not hurting for hit rating I would go for Sundial of the Exiled first. It's the second best trinket for a moonkin (#1 available through 10 man content). Second would be Idol of Steadfast Renewal, unless you do 25 man naxx there is no other Wotlk option. Some would use the Idol of the Raven Goddess, I don't think less than half a percent to crit for your group is real great. Third and fourth would be the Encircling Burnished Gold Chains and Ward of the Violet Citadel depending on what piece would be a bigger upgrade for you. Flameheart Spell Scalpel from the Kirin Tor pairs well with the offhand as well as Titansteel Guardian which can be crafted by a blacksmith. Then I would grab Plush Sash of Guzbah, unless you are hit capped and can't rid of any. Vine Belt of the Woodland Dryad works just fine if you don't need hit.

You can also get your tier 7 gloves and chest piece from emblems, mine dropped fairly quickly for me so i didn't. The gloves are pretty easy to get as they drop from Sartharion who is easy. By easy I mean we got the achievement for 8 manning him our first attempt easy. The chest drops pretty far into naxx so if that seems far away the chest might be something you grab sooner. Both pieces drop off Archivon so make sure to do that every week.

As far gems/enchants go, gem hit until your capped. Enchant spell power on gloves over hit, 28 spell power > 20 hit. Once you are capped Spell power > haste > crit > int > spirit > mp5. So enchant and gem accordingly. Spell power is best until you hit 3200 spell then haste is better (according to my sources). Never gem anything other than hit, spell power, haste if possible. Critting does a lot to help our dps but it's expensive (45.91 for 1% crit, 32.79 for 1% haste), which makes socketing haste over a crit a no brainer.

I ran out of things to say, sucks for you, that's all.

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Blue said...

I will repeat this:

Ultimate Lakini dps tip:

Go to spell book

Find a spell called Hurricane

Insert said spell into every bar slot

Bind spell to all of keyboard

Take and place a large oven mitt over your hand

Smash said keyboard with covered hand

Move your toon with your mouse