Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have my Reasons

So, after much discussion quite a few folks from Heroes Inc are making horde alts on the Turalyon server. I knew that some folks were planning on rerolling for the next expansion, so I thought we should pick a server now and level when bored with what's going on aos.

When I'm not raiding I'm pretty bored with the game. I like pvp, but leveling my rogue just doesn't amuse me, for those who haven't heard I dislike leveling on a pvp server. So it made sense to me if folks were going to reroll, having alts to level during downtime (on a pve serevr) would make it so everybody could reroll, without having to rush at all (which I hate).

I'd like to see things from the horde side, level in peace and do all the quests, you know level in stv for the first time. I mean once I get my rogue to 80 that will entertain me, but getting smacked around bgs isn't always what I'm looking to do.

Blizzard keeps making leveling easier, they have added more quests, mobs and quests are giving much more xp and the amount of xp needed per level has been lowered. So leveling a player from 1 to 80 in a year to year and half should not be hard for anyone. To my dissappointment it doesn't seem all are on board. Our server sucks for alliance, wintergrasp is a joke, we are outnumbered 3 to 1. I just finished a game where we spent the battle fighting for the workshops never making it any where near the keep. I see no reason to stick around, long term anyway. Though there is no way I don't finish out Wrath on this server with my druid, none.

I hope folks don't go overboard with their alts, I don't want to do much other than level until wrath is over, or the long nothing new time between expansions starts. I hope those who aren't planning on going give it a shot. Other than eachother there is nothing worth staying on aos for past this expansion. That's all.

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