Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A post from Lakini

I haven't been able to post much since my recent job change, this has no doubt been ruining people days. Not this day, this day you shall be happy, unless I say something that makes you mad.

In pve land we are working Sarth +2 drakes and still gearing folks in naxx. My whole optimal gear plan hinges on getting my tier 7 helm, which I have lost many rolls on. That's what I get for having a gear plan. Folks have even replaced their tier 7 helm before I got mine. If it wasn't so important I would have it already.

This week, Heroes Inc will be taking a couple of shots at 25 man naxx. With good turn out I expect to clear just about everything. We cleared the both plague and spider wings with 21 a month ago, no reason we can't improve on that.

Homerjay is level 80, and now I remember I didn't like pvp that much on him either. I don't think I'm going to play different toons for pvp and pve after wotlk. If they don't make arenas/bgs enjoyable for casual players I won't bother doing any pvp at all. I don't want to put in hours of getting 3 shot in bgs to get some gear so it takes a bit longer to kill me then more hours to make it slightly better. I play games for fun, that isn't fun.

Our fives last week was a perfect example, we went 0-10 never losing more than 7 points. We matched against far better teams every time. Most matches we only lost 2 or 3 points. There is nothing at all fun about that.

My next attempt at entertainment is trying dps as rogue. I won't in raids until Lakini is done in Naxx and Ellevis is fine with it. Rogues are not in good place for pve right now, unlike balance druids. That and melee is more of a challenge, pulling aggro is instant death and all the whirlwind/tailwhip and red circle attacks to ran away from. Heroics and such should supply be fun if I can find groups and get some gear so do more than 1000 dps.

The playing on the horde server thing is going fine. Not having much that interests me outside raid nights it can be fun. The server is really different, people are nice. Everyone I run past out questing buffs me if they can. Rather than stealing named mobs for quests people ask if I want to team up. It's quite different.

Part of the appeal of rolling over there was to do low level instances as we level, that's how I have leveled in the past I really enjoyed it. People are leveling at all different speeds and I'm the slowest, so that's not gonna happen. Not a big deal, I do enjoy solo questing in peace and want to do the horde side quests. The Barrens however make me cry, gonna wait till I'm rested enough to hit 20 quicker so I can turn into a ghost wolf (I'm playing a Shaman for those who don't know).

There has been some discussion about who is willing to reroll and who isn't. It seems no one from the other raid group wants to, an amazing coincidence. I'm not sure what I want to do. I like being alliance (until I pvp), mostly I love being a balance druid. I don't love everything about it, but I doubt there is anything else I would enjoy as much. I chose resto shaman because I didn't want to dps as anything else. Well, that's all.

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Ferth said...

Not such an amazing coincidence when you consider that our group still has lots of stuff to do on this server. Most of us still have interest in heroics on our main's, many of us are PvPing, and we still haven't downed all the 10 man raiding content....where you guys were finished with heroics/cleared the 10 man content like a month ago? In another month we might be pondering horde alts ourselves, but ulduaar will be near, or out by then. The pacing of the game is just much more kind to our group, we continue to have things to do longer then your group will, simply because our pace is slower.