Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm bored

There is so little left to do in wow right now, I don't have a reason to log in. Which is good for people looking to read a blog post Monday, bad for me. Every time I log in on my horde shaman I quickly remember the Barrens were designed by Satan and I hate it there. That and a shaman at level 18 isn't real fun. Though I think the main reason for lack of motivation that way is I don't want to be anything other than a moonkin. I don't really want to be horde either, not that I want to get rolled in pug bgs and wg. I'm not going to bother repeating my problems with the state of pvp right now.

Using my rogue for some heroic fun is fail. I just don't like mutilate, combat is gimped and I don't have weapons for it anyway. Maybe after 3.1 I'll give it another shot.

Honestly other than raid nights I'm less motivated to play than I was waiting for this expansion. Maybe I'm just losing interest in general. I don't know. I have tried going after achievements for fun, with mixed results. Something about riding around lowbie zones discovering places doesn't thrill me. Doing heroic achievements does, but finding folks for that is hit and miss. Seems like most who are doing heroics aren't geared enough to do the ones I'm after.

So my next plan for amusement I'll be trying to make a feral set for soloing level 70 heroics. It would qualify as a challenge and give me something to spend emblems on. I still like raiding, no burnout or boredom there. It would be fun to do the old content I haven't seen yet, or try something like 5 manning Magtheridon. That might entertain me briefly. That's all.

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Blue said...

Make a tauren boomkin. At least you will enjoy playing it.