Sunday, March 01, 2009

Moonkin's 3.1 and such

Druid patch notes


Lifebloom: Mana cost of all ranks doubled. When Lifebloom blooms or is dispelled, it now refunds half the base mana cost of the spell per application of Lifebloom, and the heal effect is multiplied by the number of applications.
• Abolish Poison: Now ticks every 3 sec, up from every 2. Now lasts 12 sec., up from 8.
• Maim: This ability is now considered a stun, and shares a diminish category with all other stuns. It no longer has a chance to break from the target taking damage. Duration lowered to 1 sec. per combo point.

    - Balance
      Owlkin Frenzy is now properly considered an Enrage effect. Now also does not trigger from spell hits, only physical ranged and melee attacks.
    - Feral
      • Heart of the Wild: Stamina bonus changed to 2/4/6/8/10%.
      • New Talent: Primal Gore: Grants the periodic damage from your Rake, Lacerate and Rip abilities the ability to critically hit.
      • Savage Roar is now considered an Enrage effect and now increases physical damage done by 30% instead of increasing attack power.
    - Restoration
      • Living Seed: This talent now accounts for total healing including overhealing.
      • Improved Mark of the Wild: Now also increases all of your total attributes by 1/2%.
      • Intensity: Now grants 17/33/50% of mana regeneration while casting.
      • New Talent: Improved Barkskin: Increases the damage reduction granted by your Barkskin spell by 5/10%, and increases your resistance to Dispel mechanics by an additional 30/60% while under the effect of Barkskin.
      • Replenish: This talent is now re-named "Revitalize" and now also works with Wild Growth.
      • Tree of Life: You can now use Nature's Grasp and Thorns while within this form.
Pretty much nothing for balance druids. Improved mark buff isn't great but I'll take it. Another pvp nerf to balance druid, no comment on that.

Seems like it is back to normal for balance druids really, Blizzard is following their pattern perfectly. Make major changes for expansions, then do nothing significant until the next one. I'm fairly happy with the state of moonkin pve. Damage is good, good group buffs. Moonkin rotations are not real fun and neither is being proc based. I'm beginning to notice my inconsistency in my dps. On our last Naxx run I did 2800 dps one fight and 4800 on another. I did nothing different on them, didn't have different buffs, same group, way different results.

I'm not asking for a dps buff, the damage is fine. I'm asking to not be all over the place on my dps. I have heard people suggest the eclipse use charges rather than have a duration. This is genius as far as I'm concerned. I can reapply dots, battle rez, or get thrown against a wall and put in a web wrap and not have eclipse wasted. Really that's all I want, I promise.

I have little faith for this though, Blizzard has not done anything worth mentioning to balance druids outside an expansion since patch 1.8. Which was when I started playing over three years ago. I have some thoughts on pvp as well, but I'm I have complained enough, that's all.

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