Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I can't sleep so I thought I would complain about some stuff. I have happy posts I'm working on, don't worry. If I make fun of you in this post it's only because you screwed up and won't cry, gquit or need to be held in your mommies arms if I point it out.

So three straight attempts at undying where one incident of noobery cost us the title, and that jerk Kt not dropping the crap I want to go with it. I have been wearing the same stupid gear for 2 months, screw you Blizzard. You and the person invented "let's all pass on stuff then we'll free roll so we can out roll Lakini for the only thing that he can use that has dropped the whole night", to hell with you.

Here is a list of how the people in my raid group are failures.

Ellevis, tanks in tornadoes
Tonk, stands in blue circles
Ofn, dies constantly
Zadorr, sometimes dies 4 times in one fight
Bluetide, stands in blue circles and forgets reagents so he can anhk
Taxiderm, md's on the wrong person and had a stupid wasp pet
Honorshammer, his computer fails us on Raz every week
Mag, Bandaidez and Origami have the same flaw which goes without saying
Lakini, can't tell the negative side from positive, is rude and can't remember why Vundermann and Blackhaus are noobs, they are though, trust me.

Whoever screwed up pvp, up yours! Whoever thought that dks were balanced and fine for pvp, you are a failure. Well, I'm out of things to complain about that won't have people tearing up. I mean I could go on, but I'm starting to feel better. I should probably quit while I'm only this far behind, which is pretty far. Though I do have to say, I love the folks in our raid group. They put up with me, which means they are pretty great and downed Sarth +2 drakes. That's all.


Ofn said...

Woot! I made #3! Now I gotta go start planing on how to move up the list...

Blue said...

Havent stood in a circle for like.. what.. a month now?

Blue said...

...Im tearing up...oh no!

Lakini said...

You die more than once to a circle of death it makes the list.

Origami said...

I think I deserve specific reasons why I fail. We all do. It makes us special.

Lakini said...