Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Favorite post ever

It's been about a year since I made this post, I still love it. This was inspired by the sadness of viewing the armory and wws from my guild. Back when I made this post we were doing 25 man bc content and no one read this (for the most part). This meant I could say I wanted, though I did throw a paragraph in at the end in case people did read it. I didn't add it here because well, those folks are gone and seemed to have figured out how to gear anyway. The info is out of date of course, but this still a winner in my book.

How to gear up like a noob

So many people make guides on how to gear up to get the max out of your toon, few give you the secrets on how waste materials and enchant most all of your gear with little or no benefit to your dps or what not. This guide will focus on dps gearing. I don't know quite how to noob it up as a healer or tank, I don't quite have the skill for that. This won't focus on specific gear but stats your looking to grab that won't really increase your dps. You can't really control the gear you have as far as drops go, so that doesn't count. We will avoid the obvious, such a priest getting strength enchants, you not going to fool any noob into thinking you know what your doing. The goal is make your gear look like it is done right to another noob.

Caster dps first, spell hit is the most important dps caster raid stat, so avoid it. Non-noobs (I think I invented a word) will eventually get +16% needed to cap to be capped. I think the number around 210 or so if you have no talents that increase your chance to hit with spells or lower spell resistance by a certain percent. Elemental shaman don't count here, their talents give them 12% meaning it's near impossible not to be hit capped, so if your an elemental shaman either avoid those talents or load up on spell hit.

Socketing, now a non-noob would have every socket with +8 spell hit gems, unless your missing a really nice bonus by doing so, until capped. They would then replace the gems as their gear improves. There are lots of options for noobs though. Blue slots +9 stamina, +12 if you're rich, there is also the +spell crit and spell penetration gem (it sucks and is cheap). Red slots you need to +9 spell damage here, noobs and non-noobs alike will do this. Yellow, the spot made for a +8 spell hit, you can go with +8 spell crit or int, the spell damage/spell crit is the most popular. Another important thing is to stack stats that don't benefit your class/spec that much. Shadow priests and non destro locks stacking spell crit is a good example. Nothing says noob like socketing a +5 spell damage +4 spell crit gem on a affliction lock. A non-noob playing these classes once they are hit capped would go pure spell damage (maybe spell haste as well, I haven't researched these classes enough), though noobs will generally be stacking crit where hit would go.

Enchants, here is another chance to increase your dps and fail. One method is to put a + stamina armor kit on every spot you can, increasing your dps by exactly zero. Shoulders, helm and legs are good slots for this as there are really nice enchants for those spots and that's not what were are looking for here. As far as weapons go, there are a lot of possibilities some noobs do enchant there weapon with +40 spell damage, which is what non-noobs tend to do as well. If you want to set yourself apart grab the +30 int enchant instead, or go the lazy way and get nothing on there. You should always have at least one piece of gear unenchanted, not your cloak though. Spell penetration lowers targets resists, only one raid boss has such resists if I recall (don't remember which one). So the +20 spell penetration is a must for noobs, non-noobs get the +2% threat reduction, poor non-noobs (me) get nothing.

Melee dps, well once again +hit is the top stat (for most) for melee classes. A non-noob class guide will let you know the amount of + hit you want. Rogues for instance the cap is around 340 or so. As far gems go, until capped every slot should have +8 hit gems in them, other than the 2 blues you'll need if you have meta gem the requires them. Also if a red gem bonus gives you +hit then take that as well. That's not the noob way of doing things though. They key is to socket crit (once again). +12 ap gems are pretty noob too. If your a rogue and really want to noob it up while raiding go subetly with daggers, your dps will be horrible, you'll suck in pvp too. Enough about rouges the key is too be well under the recommened +hit for your class and know what stats are best for your class and not get them. Don't socket strength if your a warrior or enhance shaman for instance.

Enchants, same as casters go for stamina kits wherever you can. Hunter's have a lot of options for their melee weapon, fiery weapon enchant is a great one, cheap and useless. Everyone else should get nothing, or a pre bc enchant. Most melee are going to have weapons from pvp or arenas. Make sure to get the weapons that are the wrong speed for you class. Rogues grab the slow off hand, fury warriors and enhance shaman fast off hand. Daggers are a must for rogues, they are gimped compared to swords or fists and noobs don't know that, so they are the natural choice.

A few last pointers, putting resilience gems in pve gear is great noob idea (unless the gear will never see a raid, then just an average noob idea). A few other noob ideas that aren't gear related, don't research your class to find out the best spell/attack rotation, noobs make up there own and the dps meters prove it. Also don't attack from behind as melee, nothing like getting your tank crushed because your attack got parried. Also run damage meters but don't extend your range to 200 yards, keep it at 30. You will rule your own dps charts and can link them to friends, of course the raid leader will have you 10th in dps.


Ofn said...

I think I resembled "that" rogue who ignored +hit. Eventually I learned the lesson. But then Blizz had to go screw it all up with LK.

At least I had the sense to not run with daggers. But I was too noob to read your blog. I'm not now, but I try to make up for it by standing in blue/red circles for extended periods of time.

Lakini said...

This post was aimed at casters and one sub dagger rogue who thought pvp gear was good for raiding. Mostly casters though.