Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hit the wall and fell on my head

For me Burning Crusade was a huge learning experience. One thing I learned is I should avoid things that frustrate me. So for Wrath I have made some changes and have been pretty successful. However in there is something I haven't been able to get away from. It is called loot luck, mine is really bad. Yes, I have hit the loot/dps wall. In the world of ten mans things are okay. I have one thing left I need, it has a 40% drop rate and I haven't seen it drop since no one else needed it.

My 25 man luck has been awful, I have looted 73 valor emblems and for all those boss kills I have added 2 pieces of gear to my raid set. Both pieces were picked up in pugs. Too bad for me we don't use dkp in heroes (not suggesting it) I have been on every 25 man run and have grabbed one piece I only use for heroics and a healing belt.

So what? Who cares if I'm getting loot? Well as my dps has plateaued and we are trying to Sarth +3 drakes and what we are currently missing from my vantage point is dps. What can I do to increase my dps? Pray for my tier 7 helm and run 25 man content and hope I get gear. Pugging 25 man content just isn't enjoyable, my only motivation is gear and I don't get it.

I now only raid Monday or Tuesday so that means I have to choose between Sarth 3d and finishing Naxx and Sarth 25 man next week. I'm not convinced we (I) have the gear for sarth 3d, if I was then I wouldn't make this post. We would down it this week if we were, or get pretty close. While Sarth 3d is a complicated fight, it isn't for me. My job is to dps, avoid fire walls and blue circles. I have that down, I don't need more practice, I need more dps. I'm also pretty sure it is a waste of time to try it without my group buffs, so if I don't go they are doomed to fail in my opinion.

For our 25 mans we do a two epic per run, one tier piece/weapon and one other piece. In our run earlier this week I got nothing and those who would compete with me on leather spell gear did. This means nothing for the next run though, I have a worse chance of getting gear for our next run as there will be fewer bosses downed. So in all likelyhood I will once again come away with nothing but emblems I don't want.

The ultimate goal for me is the Glory of the Raider achievement. So do I sign up for Sarth 3d and hope I'm wrong about our gear level or do our guild heroic naxx /sarth run and hope to improve my gear and my dps for our try next week? If I could do both I would, even if I knew I would get no loot and we weren't going to get three drakes down, but I can't. I have no idea what I should do, other than buy a rabbits foot, find a four leaf clover or capture a leprechaun. Maybe then luck would be on my side. That's all.


Blue said...

Ill drop an earthbind totem, you cyclone and root, then Ill hex him while you get a jar to put him in and...Boom we have captured honorshammer.. your lucky leprechaun!

Lakini said...

I like it