Friday, July 17, 2009

Last call

Where to begin? I'm now moved into my new house, which was responsible for my 2 month absence from the game. The whole thing is really miracle, getting out of the condo we had been trying to sell over two years and getting this house. After our condo sold I lived pretty much internet free for seven weeks, I checked my e-mail about once a week and that was about it.

I didn't get much e-mail, the mail I got I didn't really enjoy. They were about the raid group I was in breaking off forming a new guild. I voted no, things were pretty much perfect for me. My only complaint was I wasn't able to find time to play with some of the folks in the other raid group. Mostly Ferth and Sameth, I really don't know the game of wow without them. Alas, I was out voted, everyone else to one, I think (not sure though).

I hadn't missed the game much at this point and was ready to quit. I wasn't and never became interested in making the choice. There was no good choice for me, just one that made more sense. Leaving the people out of it was an easy choice, join the guild with people you have been raiding with. The schedule, pace and the fact there is no adjustment need to keep raiding with made it fairly easy. With the people involved it's much more complicated, I enjoyed playing with everyone in the guild so picking either group would mean have not being guilded with people I like.

So, yesterday morning I logged back in for the first time. First I posted a message on the Heroes Inc forums saying I was going to move Lakini into the other and see you soon. I logged on and Bluetide noticed me and I got an invite to Unusual suspects, I would have named it "I Wish I was in the Casuals" but whatever. I then logged into my alt I used for selling stuff for the guild bank and put the 60 gold I had back in the bank and deleted the guy.

Later that evening I logged on to my alt Homerjay to say hello to the guys in Heroes, but I had been kicked out the guild so I didn't bother. I had seen before quiting on Lakini that a couple of other guys from Unusual suspects had alts left in Heroes, I thought that work for me to. I'm not really sure what to make of it. I didn't have any issue anyone in the guild before I left and didn't think anyone had one with me, guess I was wrong.

Well, I logged onto Lakini and ran some bgs with the guild to get rid of some rust. I was hoping pvp would be balanced when I came back, not so much. I was generally unkillable as were the other healers, unless a couple of top of the food chain dps or 8 regular dps got a hold of me. We then lost wintergrasp and I was done.

Not quite what I hoped for on my first day back, reminded me why I had given a lot of thought to never coming back. I still have raiding to do though, I set out kill everything in this expansion and I will. The new guild also added a group from another guild, I know a few of them. It's a little to weird to be in a guild where I don't so many people. This my second guild in my four years of wow, and no doubt my last. I am looking forward to getting back to raiding and to see how I can screw up warrior druid in 2's, it should be fun.

This is also the last post on this blog, my wow time is not going to be like it was before this and blog doesn't make the cut. With Honorshammer blogging as he does anything interesting I do will be written about anyway. This is also the only post I remember missing my usual sarcasm and rudeness, sorry. That's all, and I mean this time.


Ferth said...

Not sure if you'll see this or not. (I stopped reading the WoW blogs a long time ago, but clicked the link today to your blog for some reason)

All deserters were removed from the guild (90% just bailed with every alt anyway, with 1 or 2 words at most, usually none at all). It was pretty much an attempt to just put it all behind me.

I'm sure if you thought about it from my point of view, you can understand my wanting to just forget about the whole mess, and move on, trying to scratch something out of what's left. I'm not throwing around blame or anything like that, but it's apparent who got the short end of the stick in the whole mess. The only thing that's shocking to me, is that I'm still playing this game...that's more a testimant to the people who have stuck by my side then anything else.

Lakini said...

Well at this point it's water under the bridge that was burnt and floating on the water. I never planned on leaving the guild and having it go down the way it did sucked. Anyway, best of luck to you old buddy, say hello to the wife and baby for me.