Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Post before I completely disappear

So I'm moving, which means I'm going to be gone for a bit. I haven't had time to post on here, which sucks for you, sorry. I have had a lot things I would have liked post about and while I have time I'll go for it. I don't sense this post being popular with most people I know, not that I do many that are.

Arena/pvp balance talk has died down a lot in Heroes Inc since 3.1 came out. The system as a whole is much better. In fact, there used to be a lot of complaining about arenas on the guild forums and that has disappeared. Is everything fixed, if you run melee/healer in 2's it is. Everyone who runs arenas seriously in Heroes inc runs a healer melee team and have pretty good ratings.

There is one exception to this, Bluetide and I have run moonkin/elemental in arenas. Two fail pvp specs on 2's team is fail. Anyone who knows how to play their melee healer comp will beat us. While locks and hunters are the worst 2's classes they wreck us, double melee (who isn't awful) is instant death as well.

So after getting just under 1400 we dropped to 1280 or so and went to the ptr search for a comp doesn't suck. We'll probably go resto druid/warrior, ret or dk is also a possibility. This is the way of arenas in wow. Comp is still king, I honestly think they could fix this.

Right now dps casters are trash 1 vs 1 against melee. In general melee classes have more ways of slowing, silencing, stunning and killing casters than caster have of getting away. Melee are designed to kill healers and healers are balanced to survive melee and dps casters are designed to be 3 shot by ret pallies.

I really don't think it's that complicated, all dps casters need an instant cast root or stun. All melee have some sort of interrupt or silence. Melee has more gap closers and slows than casters have to get away, combine that the burst most melee can do with no cast time. Melee need tools to get to ranged and ranged need tools to get away. You know, make it so skill is the difference. I can kill any melee who is terrible (except ret pally, they can auto attack me to death), but any dk, rogue, or warrior who knows how to play will plow me and pretty much any other dps caster.

Enough QQ, I'll just spec resto and Blue will roll melee and we will get a much better rating as long we our have faces ready to roll.

I'm am in no way attempting to diminish what anyone has done in arenas (expect ret pallies) nor am I saying that we would take a melee/healer comp and yawn our way to 1850 or 2000. What I'm saying is we could sleep walk our way to higher ratings than we have now with healer/melee. Also, I know that enhance is terrible and feral isn't great either, I also know that frost mages are not trash against melee (just healers).

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