Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out with the old in with the new

3.1 is here and the reign of terror that was 3.0 to 3.0.9 has ended. Patch 3.1 is the way it should have been the day the expansion came out. So I thought I'd give old 3.0 a good beating before I move on.

Pvp was a huge failure. Arenas were geared for hardcore players so most everyone else abandoned them. With folks running around in welfare naxx epics bgs were painful and there wasn't much to gain by doing them. Class imbalance was crappy as ever.

Pve gets a C+ to B-. Making all content available to ten man groups was brilliant, excecution was not. Ten man content gave worse gear and tended to be more challenging. Not that the content was challenging outside Sarth +drakes. Sarth +3 drakes ten man was the hardest encounter in the game and really wasn't doable without 25 man gear. 25 man content was extremely easy (for the most part). Most could be pugged by with pretty much anyone with a pulse.

Other stuff, achievements are pretty sweet. Quests in Northrend were pretty good and the art is well done. One can't help but wonder if they had spent the time they did making the dk class and their starting area (which was really well done) fixing classes already in the game that needed work how much better the game would be class balance wise. 3.0 was not ready and if they weren't busy making an extremely overpowered class it would have been a lot better.

Onto the good news. Dual specs are wonderful, the ability to switch specs without finding a trainer, redoing glyphs and your bars is awesome. Click of a button (yes I click my activate these talents button, I'm sure you hardcore players have it keybound) I'm resto or balance. My only complaint is your mana goes to zero when you do, stupid. What do rogues have there energy drained to zero? Dks lose their runic power or maybe warriors losing rage? Yeah, that's the same.

Battlegrounds are less bursty, though I would assume not being balance making a difference. If I'm going to pvp it has to be as resto, you know why. Bgs have been pretty fun, I can tank a couple of people, though one person who is good with their stuns/silences can get me. I'll do arenas to get the rating for some gear, how much I do depends on how much I like it. I used to do bgs to get gear for arenas now I'll be doing arenas for better gear for bgs.

Ulduar is hard. If your guild was hiding bad players in Naxx good luck to you. 3.0 was the time of the crappy 25 man guild clearing content, it's over. We have downed Flame Leviethan and Razorscale, I'm thinking we have a good shot at clearing the rest of first wing on Monday. With all the hard modes this place will keep us busy for a long time. My only complaint is most of the caster gear is geared towards healers, though most casters aren't healers. Oh well, at least casual pvp is back, that's all.

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