Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Rules

I haven't decided on a new name, I'm sure you can handle the wait. Anyway, I have been hesitant to start this up again, I don't really like what it had become, a place where I complain mostly. The following are posts that aren't allowed.

First, no Blizzard sucks at pvp balance posts. I might as well post, I live in a desert, it is hot in summer, nerf the sun. No point, it will always be hot here and pvp will never be balanced.

Second, why won't this thing drop QQ posts. Everyone has something that they wish would drop (probably). Pointing out how something hasn't dropped 10 times doesn't make it appear (though whining on vent seems to work).

Third no posts that attempt to cause trouble. I only posted those to get the drama over with. I prefer if people are so unhappy in a guild that and won't stop crying they just save everyone the trouble and leave right away, not two months later. If some argument is brewing, do it now not in two weeks. That being said, no drama here.

I'm sure most of you are trying to figure out what I have left to talk about. Mostly whatever is going on with me and the thoughts I'm thinking that you should know about, unless they have something to do the list up there. I'm not saying I'll never mention pvp balance or fail loot but that will never subject of the post.

Anyway those are the rules if this returns the QQ blog it was before, I'm done.

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