Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heroic TOC 10 and my dps

Well, I have found some moonkin blogs from people who know math or know people who know math. I had only done minimal research this expansion up until this point, enough of that. From what I have read, the theory I have been going with is correct. I did find some guides on how to dps the fights in TOC which was helpful.

I put my a link to the wowmeter for the raids I go on. My dps on the beasts was almost identical on the fights I have saved. The problems I run into are on the worms with whole disappearing thing, and Icehowl's charge and stun. I lose a significant amount of eclipse time and my dps tanks. I don't think I have cracked 4k on the guys which is bad. Tonight I can remember at least four different times I lost most of or all of an eclipse because of these mechanics.

Jaraxxus has given me issues as well, not tonight, at least on our kill. Tonight I broke 5k on him, by far my best effort. The difference between that and 3700 dps fight I hvae recorded is cast 16 more starfires. Rng worked fairly well for me and movement was pretty minimal for me. Hopefully, tonight wasn't a fluke and I can improve on that.

We finally downed the faction champs on heroic, Honors will have an in depth story on that. It was pretty hairy until we downed all but that last two. I tried rotate cyclones on the targets we weren't dpsing as we got to the last three.

I got one attempt at dps on the Twins before I switched to healing. This is the one fight I do well on and I was over 7k when we wiped. The raid damage is pretty high, high enough that each healer including me was doing 5.5 hps. That was a lot of rejuvs and single lifeblooms. We are extending the raid id so next week we'll have this down and start working on Anub. That will suck.

Quickly I have been resisting posting on my adventures at the AH because I'm trying to be nicer. As long I'm going with If I can't say anything nice I don't anything at all, you can expect to never hear anything about it. Rest assured my head is ready to explode. That's all


Bacon said...

LOL. Hang in there Lakini. It sounds like through your perseverance that you'll make it work (both DPS and AH). You always do. The heroics sound fun.

Ofn said...

I found another reason why the infinite dust market is so saturated right now. I'll get into the details on a forthcoming blog post, but the short of it is that Blizz appears to have made a change to the amount of dust received by the DE'ing of certain JC items. Unofficial patch notes FTL?

Your dps seems to be much more RNG-based than is mine. I'm sorry to hear that. But, I feel your pain on ToC fight mechanics; most them are pretty melee-unfriendly, which makes me grumpy.

Lakini said...

@ Bacon, Good to hear from ya, hope all is well with you. The dps should keep getting better, and tier 10 looks awesome for moonkins.

@ Ofn, I noticed a while back the increase in mats from jc stuff. People just don't want to make more gold.