Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Auction house

Is it me or has it become really popular to post about how to make money on the auction house? If you are looking for that look elsewhere, I've got nothing for you. Well, one thing, I'll get to that later.

When I switched from Alliance to Horde I lost my alts, not having cash to bring them along. So I needed an alt and alts cost gold if you are going to have them flying anywhere. So decided to end my 3 year break from the ah.

Back when Altar of Storms was new I set my self up to make a ton of gold on the ah. Long before Goblins or MMO champion was telling everyone how to use cheap mats to craft greens to de and sell the mats, I was on it. When I hit level 60 I had 1000 gold, my epic mount, two pieces of tier one and a couple of other expensive pieces of gear. I also ran with Staff of Jordan from level 35 to 60. That may not sound like much now, but then it was a fortune, or it least it was to me. Once I hit 60 I was burned out on it.

So, I decided to endure the pain of leveling enchanting on my death knight. It sucked, but I paid for my epic flyer and now have a near max level enchanter. I hate finding someone to do an enchant for me and finding someone to de greens for me. Problem solved. Now I don't need to keep selling anymore. I paid for what I needed to and I have 7000 gold with nothing to spend it on. I can't stay away though, I should, stupid people have joined in the fun and have crashed the market.

Anyway, the one tip I will give for the ah is this, patience. Selling things for less than the mats cost to make them or just selling things for less than people will pay is fail. This isn't a message to Ofn, he has made way more gold than I have and doesn't need my advice. There are names I see selling and I know to not put my stuff up. I have seen people sell items for cheap then once they are gone I put up mine and sell them for double. You can tell these people don't know what the stuff is worth, I really should have bought the stuff myself and resold, but I prefer not to get into that.

The new folks selling remind me of BC raiding, when you needed twenty five to move past Karazhan.  So you'd recruit noobs who did 300 dps and didn't pay attention to what was going on.  Well, I guess we could have learned to stop recruiting those people a little quicker.  Bad news on the ah, the noobs can't be gkicked, you're stuck with them until they decide to go.  I'm still making gold, not as quickly as I'd like, but I'm in no hurry.  Look at that, I finally made a post about the auction house and did it without freaking out.  Miracles do happen, that's all.

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Bacon said...

OMG, the Staff of Jordan. I remember you having that. And I also remember that we all thought you were filthy rich (maybe that's why Mareck was jealous).

Anyway, after reading yours and Ofn's experiences, it sounds like I should just check the AH a couple a times a day and make that a habit every day for a few weeks. I've been dabbling some already, mostly in niche areas that I'm familiar with.

Keep up the good work and enjoy.