Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reading Through the Lines

Well, looks like I'm batting .000 for raiding this week.  I won't be raiding on Tuesday either, what can you do?  Though I most likely will be able to do heroic 10 man toc on Monday, if we have enough people.  So what to do, blog of course.

You may be wondering if there is a point to this, maybe there is.  Alright, there is.  I just figured out something sweet for blogging.  I now know how to put a line through words on here.  You see all the "pro" bloggers do this, I'm joining the bandwagon now.

With this line thing I can say whatever I want, put a line through it and it doesn't count.  Doesn't count?  You might not think that makes any sense, but it does.  It makes perfect sense if you aren't an idiot, which you are.  The possibilities are endless

Picture it, we are working on a new boss in Ice Crown and some noob is screwing it up.  I'll use Blue as an example, because he is a big boy and won't get his feelings hurt.  Before I would be real vague or not bring it up at all.  I don't mean like a year ago, I mean since I stopped being a jerk (on this blog).

Tonight we struggled with "Some ugly undead guy".  We didn't struggle Bluenoob did.  He we couldn't avoid fire and was were too low on dps.  He we also had trouble not pulling aggro from the tanks.  Blue some of us also spent the night in the wrong vent channel and he we had many bathroom breaks do to his our weak bladder.

As you can see if you are not stupid this is probably the greatest thing ever.  So get ready for words with lines through them.  They are coming not really and you are going to love it.  That's all.


Blue said...

And for the record.. I was the ultimate noob this week.

Ofn said...