Wednesday, December 02, 2009

WTB a 1600 rating

We've hit a wall in 2's, one made of rogues mostly.  Blue and I have been stuck between 1500 and 1550 for about a month.  We have been losing to some comps that I can't figure out.  Maybe these are just hard counters and we have to hope to avoid them.  I'm not gonna list weird comps like double frost mage or something stupid like that.  Anyway here is my list of evil in rank evilness.

Group 1, Could beat us in season 4 gear

Mage Rogue.  It seems like we mostly play this comp in the Ring of Fail Valor where my los leaves while I get blowed up.  They generally sheep Blue and skill me down with counterspell and 45 stuns.  I get off maybe 3 gcds before I die here.  Our only success comes when Blue is able to get off bladestorm before they poly him and they are so badly geared they die in it.

Lock Rogue.  With this comp they generally blow Blue up while I get seduced, feared and blinded.  Blue is stunned in place while the lock free casts on him, then we lose.

Elemental Shaman Rogue.  Same as Lock Rogue except anything I cast gets interupted or in the case of cyclone grounded.

Group 2, we can win if we are significantly better than them.

Disc Priest Rogue (notice a theme yet).  Mana burn and the rogue's control are our main problems here.  The rogue always sits on Blue keeping him away from the preist so he can mana burn me.  Most of our wins here come if they aren't well geared and Blue blows up the priest in the first 15 seconds or the rogue doesn't do enough damage to Blue to pressure me into exposing myself to mana burn.

Resto Druid Rogue.  A lot of control here, if they do it right we almost always lose.  Luckily this doesn't seem to a comp we run into a lot.  When rogues have like twenty class/spec combos that are viable in 2's some comps don't get as much play.

Ret Pally Rogue.  The reason I list this lower is a few these teams aren't smart enough to cc me and blow up Blue.  Some try to kill me, we win those most of the time.  If they do this right, even if they have to run to blind me, they win.

Resto Druid DK (not a rogue).  If the DK wants to he can the druid can keep Blue cced the entire match.  Luckily no one would ever die so they don't try that.  If the resto druid is smart he chases me so the dk can peel for him and spread his diseases (the Dk's not the druids).  If we keep them separated Blue generally kills the druid before the dk ooms me (which he usually needs to do to kill me).

We tend struggle mage + anything as well.  They are just too good against warriors with no dispel.  We don't see many mages outside mage rogue.  Could it be that other healers can dispel?  Anyway, I'm not real good at figuring this stuff out.  If any of you have any ideas you'd better feel free to comment.

While I'm posting I must share the highlight of my weekend.  Running warrior/druid/disc, we beat two different beast cleave (enhance shaman/beast hunter/holy pally) teams.  Both teams were able to kill our priest in the first thirty to forty-five seconds of the fight, then the hunter fails to kill me while Blue kills the shaman with the pally trying to heal.  He then kills the hunter, then the pally.  Thank you for never turning on the warrior for me and making 2v3 easy.  I guess that's why they have 1200 ratings.  Like ours are much better.  That's all.

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