Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm finally going to get around to posting about my dk.  I've made you wait long enough,  I'm sure the wait has been painful.  I went with the name Deadlakini because all of my alts need Lakini in the name and it is super cool to have "dead" in a dk's name.  Honestly, if your death knight doesn't have death, dead, dk, or arthas in it's name you are stupid.  Come on, how can you name a death knight and have that in there somewhere?

Well, I'm 77% percent on my way to level 78.  I originally specced blood for leveling and grabbed dual spec at 70.  I decided to go with an unholy spec as I would plan to use it for pvp.  Since I don't like unholy I'm back to blood.  I'd like to try out frost spec but I'm waiting on having weapons to dual wield for that.  I have discovered I dislike having a pet, which makes unholy less enjoyable.  I don't need something running around that I need to control.  I never liked worrying about my pet on my hunter and I liked it much less on my dk.

Over the last weekend I started to to queue for random dungeons, it has worked really well.  I recommend for anyone leveling an alt 70+ to do one whenever you get a chance.  I generally wait 10 minutes or so, but I'm questing while I wait so there isn't any downtime.  I have only queued up as dps, I'm running a leveling build and don't have my bars set up for tanking.  It is nice to get some instance experience rather than trying to start in heroics cold turkey.

I'm not sure I'll do anything with this toon at 80 other enchant and grab herbs.  The world doesn't need more undergeared melee dps.  I haven't done any research since level 55 and I'm capable of doing better dps than plenty of 80's I've seen random heroics.  I'm going to try to put a tank set together.  I also need to download some dk mods and maybe do some research.    I'll see how motivated I stay with this toon.  If I keep doing as few arena games as I am now I'll have plenty of time.  That's all.

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