Sunday, December 27, 2009

Break from Arena/PVP

With arrival of 3.3 I am no longer am interested in pvp.  The amount of time required to keep up to date gear and to play just isn't justified anymore for me.  I have limited amount of time to play, more time than I need to keep my druid geared and ready for the latest content.  What I did with the rest of the time was arenas.

I was spending more time than I wanted to doing games and not achieving the desired results.  The majority of my game frustration comes from Blizzards fail implementation of class balance.  They do a passable job at pve balance.  It's not perfect, but you can effectively raid as any role your class is designed to do.  There a few "dead" specs but it's not like sub rogues, frost mages and bm hunters can't fill the same roles with different specs.  The same cannot be said for pvp and never will be.

I'm not quitting because I'm fed up, I'm quitting because I found something better to do.  The random dungeon feature has revived my interest in alts.  I find solo leveling boring and don't want to be carried through raids I already do with my druid.  Doing dungeons while I level is fun and I learn how to play the class in a group environment.  I now don't have any reason to run randoms on my druid other than the two frost badges so I can run them with my dk for amusement. 

It really comes down to random dungeons on my dk > arenas on my druid.  I also have 80 rogue and 76 hunter I can play if grow bored with the dk as well.  So goodbye respeccing and reglyphing once a week.  Hello fail tanking and dps.  That's all.

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