Thursday, January 07, 2010

Catching up

With the holidays behind us I can finally return to blogging.  I know it's been hard waiting for me to post, the wait is over.  I'm going to do a review of 2009, I figure I'll review the entire expansion when I'm bored waiting for Cataclysm.

We have done four clears of the first wing of ICC, we'll be trying the new one tonight.  Stårk our resto shaman has returned with heals and bloodlust so I can back to dpsing.  The fights are all pretty easy at this point.  Morrowgar was hard, which was unacceptable so he was nerfed.  As far as drops go I'm not going to complain.  I have seen zero spell leather so far, in fact I only wanted to roll on 2 out of the 32 pieces of loot that dropped.  I won one and received the other though charity.  I'll take it.  I must warn any of you who thinking resto druid next expansion might be fun, I have picked up five spell leather drops from our ten mans since Ulduar came out.  That's about one piece of spell leather every two months, you want to roll for it?

I've quit doing random dungeons as a healer.  The near instant queue isn't worth having to watch the terrible dps make the instance take much longer than needed.  I have decided to try out this argent tournament thing, which keeps me entertained while I wait.

Let's see death knight has been 80 for a bit.  My dps gear is now passable, I still have a couple of really bad pieces in my set and have way too much haste on my gear but it works.  I'm going to start spending my badges on tanking gear so someday I can be defense capped.  Which at the rate I play my dk will take a month or more.  I'm using an unholy spec which seems to work well in heroics and on trash in icc. 

The highlight of the last couple of weeks was doing Flame Leviathan with just three the other day.  It gave Boston and Blackhaus a chance to see just how great I am at being a gunner.  I'm horrible, I pretty much miss everything.  In the past I could miss everything and other people would shoot the stuff for me.  When you are the only person shooting it doesn't work that way.   So after one wipe on the trash Boston started shooting things and I was less terrible (still terrible, just less) and we killed him in less than a minute.

Lastly I'm just one achievement shot of Glory of the Hero. I should get Amber Void and my shiny new drake this weekend.  I'd like to clear as many raid achievements as possible as well, starting with the Naxx ones I missed.  I'd also like to win the lottery, I won't hold my breath for either.  That's all.


Honors Code said...

Give me a yell if you still need Amber Void, I'll tank it for you.

Besides, I thought you were going Mage for Cataclysm.

Bacon said...

You should have no problem getting the Amber Void done. Who knows, you could get two drakes. One from the Glory of the Hero and the other being the new random Blue Drake that drops from the cache in the Oculus.

I ran it the other day and everyone gets a Sack of Gems after the boss loot is distributed. I got 2 Triumph Emblems and a Monarch Topaz. The only trick is, you have to get in the Oculus as the random dungeon. :|