Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How far will we go?

Fear is starting to creep in as the expansion nears.  Around the time we start working on Arthas (regular mode) the alpha testing of Cataclysm should be starting.  Last time around this this killed raiding for the guild I was in.  Things are quite different now, we won't just stop raiding when we see the changes for the next expansion, but I do believe the clock is ticking.

Rerolling, lack of interest, us having real lives and so on have prevented us from ever "finishing" the current tier of raid content before the next one was released.  So far we have only finished tier 7, and I don't see us ever going back to finish tier 8 or 9.

Finishing tier 9 when it was new would have been the easiest to clear.  Just five bosses and you could extend the raid ID giving you 50 shots over as many weeks as you need.  We didn't get it for many reasons, the one that sticks out to me was we only had nine from our group and had to get someone on their alt to help for our 25+ wipes on heroic Anub.  Now I fail as far being able to show up to every raid, I can't make next Thursdays raid for instance.  My employer didn't ask me before scheduling a mandatory meeting that night.

I was working a post on gearing for heroic Arthas, but then I wondered if it was worth the effort (gearing, not the post).  I guess the answer to the question "how far will we go" is as far those least interested in progression want to go.  Only time will tell how far that is.  I'm sure this comes off as a bit on the dramatic side for some of you out there, but it's the way I see it.  That's all.


Ellevis said...

I for one will see it through til the end. As for the older content there are a couple reasons as to why we didn't complete the hard modes:

Ulduar - It's a long instance and adding 2 more nights of raiding is alot of raiding. yes we could extend the raid ID but with the added weekly raids if we get Ulduar the following week then we're screwed.

ToC - The only reason we have not been pushing to complete this is because of the Faction Champs. We all despise that fight.

That being said I do have interest in still finishing those hard modes.

Ofn said...

I, too, have been disappointed with the way this expansion has worked out with us and raiding. It seems like we have been a couple weeks behind Blizzard's patch releases throughout the entire LK expansion. Always not quite reaching the pinnacle of a patch when the next one comes out. And, like you, what bugs me is that we very rarely go back to complete these things.

I understand the reasons why (doesn't mean I like them), and I know our RL does what he can, but as you noted, we are held back by whoever has the least interest in going back to complete something.

If it means anything to anyone, I am interested in going back to complete some past patch heroic stuff. Heck, I even still would like to get "the Undying". Of course, that's a pipe dream, but it would be nice.

Honors Code said...

See I kind of disagree with you.

We killed Yogg. We finished Tier 8.
We killed Anub. We finished Tier 9.

Hard Modes are something extra to do to challenge your raid after you've cleared the Tier.

I hope we go back to finish the Hard Modes, but our focus should be on ICC right now.

I plan on sticking it out to the end. My shield is at your disposal for as long as you want it. I hope we're raiding the very night Cataclysm comes out. (Log off the raid at midnight, go to store to buy Cataclysm)

Lakini said...

Finishing a tier for me is having nothing left unconquered in 10 man.

Blue said...

I agree with Honors. Content cleared is content cleared. Pushing a button to challenge and achieve beyond the content is different.

Ofn said...


Clearing a dungeon 10 man normal is not clearing the available 10 man content for a given tier. Obtaining the *.1 gear of a given tier is only getting to the halfway point. So what if the art and the names are the same? The hard mode fights are not exactly the same as their normal counterparts. The challenge is different. The standard is higher.

The 10 man normal instances throughout LK have largely been extremely easy, excepting a few fights. Is that what kind of raid team we are? Are we satisfied with simply clearing the easy 10 man normal content? Are the hard modes just gravy? Stuff to do while we wait for the next round of easy 10 man normal raids? I haven't thought so, but maybe I've been wrong and maybe I'm in the minority.

I see us as a 10 man hard mode team. We are a very good team, with very good players. We should not be satisfied with clearing normal modes.


Lakini said...

Ofn pretty much summed up my thoughts here

Ellevis said...

Okay, choose between ICC, ToC Heroic, and Ulduar Hardmodes.

We pretty much only have 2 nights a week to raid. So choose which content you prefer.

I find it amazing that you're disappointed with the way raiding has worked out for us this expansion Ofn.

Someone else can take over and schedule/lead if they want.

Blackhaus said...

Just my two cents.

We are a very good group of people. All of us with different opinions and ideas of who we all are and what we all want to achieve.

In the long run we need to be careful. we are a semi hardcore guild with some really friendly people. in my old guild we raided 5 nights a week for 4-5 hours each night with 40 people. that to me was hardcore progression runs.

We also are in a unique boat. We are judging ourselves and our accomplishments against other groups of raiders who are doing both 10 and 25 man content and are over geared for stuff. We are basically achieving what most guilds are achieving with much less gear and much more skill.

I am nothing less than proud of what we have done without over gearing.

Do i want to see all of these places "finished," yes, i do. but i am not going to sugarcoat this, we failed. I failed at healing heroic anub, at healing heroic Mimiron and good lord i fail at the faction champs. while i strive to get better everyday at what i do i also get frustrated. i am human.

we all are.

in the end i just hope the we all realize every single one of us has different dreams, desires, skill and time to put into this game.

i have no problem with going back to places and wiping and learning for hours at a time, i spent probably 50+ hours of my life on lady vashj so i am no stranger to that. i just hope we all realize there is a fine line where this game becomes more like work than fun.

just my few cants.

Lakini said...

No one questions the leadership of the group. Well, I wonder why you can't force people to do exactly what you want and why you don't make the gear I want drop. You also don't seem to able to make my real life schedule work so I can raid three nights a week. Other than that, good job.

Ofn said...

It seems that I was careless and unclear with my words. Give me a chance to rephrase? I think this more accurately reflects my viewpoint...

I have been disappointed that Blizzard's content patches for the LK xpac always seemed to come a couple of weeks before we could finish out a given tier's 10 man content (as I define "10 man content"--see above). This is where my disappointment lies.

Of course, Blizz's patch schedule and their effect on our raiding is only one facet of "raiding", whereas my previous remarks appear to encompass everything about our raiding, due to my carelessness with words.

In no way have I been, or am I now, disappointed with our team, our RL, our scheduling or the progress we have made. Apparently, I have a different opinion about clearing content than some others, but that is simply a matter of opinion and should not imply, and does not mean, I have any disappointment or negativity about them.

Do I wish we'd managed to accomplish some of these things Lakini and I have mentioned? Yes, I do -- either at the time we were attempting them or during the times when we had gotten core content on "farm" status (like when only the first wing of ICC was out).

Do I think we should forgo ICC 10 progression raiding right now in favor of going back to some hard mode content. Not at all; progression raiding should always come first.

Do I think we should become more hard core and raid more often? No; I think opportunities to do past hard modes do present themselves without us having or needing to raid more nights a week. We all know there are places we can go if that's what any one of us is looking for.

I hope this provides some clarity on my remark.

Neovomica said...

At least I have chicken!