Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stat Juggling, Caps and other Interesting Gear Choices

Well, first off I don't think I'll cause any trouble with this post, but you never know with me.  I mean this should be fairly boring, a post about trying to figure out to gear myself.

In a nutshell (if nutshells held information about wow) I want 263 hit rating, 400 haste, enough crit to be capped during lunar eclipse (too much to explain if this is going to fit in a nutshell) and lots of spell power.  I have 263 hit, 591 haste and have no hope of getting crit capped in our current raid set up.  What this means for me is I only scale well with spell power and crit.  Moonkins with different ten man raid setups or who do 25 mans really aren't scaling well with crit either (good job Blizzard).

Part of the reason moonkin dps is in a sad place right is because of this.  Back in olden times (3.0) I "won the meters" every other fight.  Them days are gone, unless we are doing Vezax then I win again.  Anyway I'm doing just fine in dps right now.  I'm able to keep up with the other casters, which is all I'm looking to do.  They are buffing balance in the next mini patch so I should see another slight bump in dps.  So, spell power is wonderful, crit is good, haste is meh, spirit is a less enthusiastic meh and hit is my enemy.

As far as resto goes things have have changed since my intial gearing back in 3.0.  With the nerf to Gift of the Earthmother haste is now a stat you want capped so you have a one second global cooldown.  For me that is 856, 936 if I want to spec out of Celestial Focus.  Getting that much haste isn't easy considering how many pieces of leather caster gear has crit instead of haste on them.  I'm at 827 haste in my healing gear, socketing 80 haste.  I have too many shared pieces to socket any more, I'm already adding 20 haste to my dps set because I use the gear for both specs.

So now we see why I didn't do a backflip when Chestguard of the Failed Experiment dropped as our first and still only piece of spell leather.  It isn't and upgrade over Robes of the Shattered Fellowship, it has less spirit no haste and the same amount of spell power.  Eventually it will be better, but for now it sits in the bank.

My gear is coming along fine, so far I have been able to keep my healing gear on par with my dps gear.  I have 3 drops and picked two pieces of tier 10.  The third wing is opening up next week and it looks like the end of me making every raid we do.  That with my below average luck will start the falling behind in gear thing again.  I'm sure Boots of the Frozen Seed and the leather pants wowhead hasn't noticed yet will start dropping every raid I'm not there.  Such is life, that's all.

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