Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lakini's Guide to ICC

Well, it's really a guide for the first wing for dps casters.  I stopped doing anything like this a while back, but I think this is really helpful.

For starters, make sure you don't have crappy gear.  Max out your gear score at all costs.  Gearscore is a mod that helps kids point out how they are better than you and one that makes undergeared players/moralists/moms mad.  Download the mod which I won't link due to laziness time constraints and make sure it is up to date.  You don't want one of thse stupid messages telling you "so and so has an updated version why don't you?".  Like I said before max out that score, even if means equipping one of those aweful toc 10 caster trinkets.  The fact that there are blue trinkets that are give you more dps, isn't as important as your gearscore being higher.

The first boss is a jerk and has a real long name that I won't type.  He does all sorts of things that lower dps.  First he puts fire on the ground if your group doesn't stack in melee range you will have to move to get out of it on occasion.  Make sure to finish your cast before you move, healers are there to heal right?  Then while moving out of the fire maybe throw up a dot or jump, or of you are pro like me do both.  Second he likes to put people on bone spikes that other people have to dps.  Don't switch, it lowers your dps, let someone else do it.  Third he yells "Bonestorm!" and spins around like an idiot.  If your healers didn't forget to raid the previous content I recommend just standing there an nuking, it doesn't hit that hard.  Just make sure to stop right before he's done because the aggro wipe.

The next boss a good one, unless you are me looking for loot you want off her to drop.  Stay on the boss the whole fight unless you are forced to do otherwise.  There is no time to figure out which mob will spell reflect you to death.  If death and decay is placed under you run right away or it will make you die.  Also trying to find a good spot where you won't get los while your tank moves the boss around.

Next is the gunship which is easy and doesn't matter.  The key is to aoe and not die.

The last boss is pretty great, except the are these blood beasts you have to kill.  If you are a moonkin you are supposed to typhoon them which means less dps.  Screw that, I mean who cares if you get hit a couple of times by those things.  The problem you that you have with them hitting you is the boss get blood points, you don't want him to have those.  We only had 9 players when we downed him this week and he only got like 69 blood points, you only have problems if he get 100.  I could have done more slightly more dps if hadn't typooned.

Anyway, some of the stuff I said is good advice most isn't, that's all.


Honors Code said...

I love your style Lakini.

dario.mythago said...

/applause ..... best guide ever