Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Random Loot Makes Puppies and Cows Cry

I have kept the QQ to a minimum, but I have all I can stand and I can stand no more.  The joy of random loot and by random I mean getting the same crap over and over again and never seeing other drops.  Drops haven't been bad for me, I have got some very nice upgrades.  However the are some pretty noticable trends in the loot we get.

First is spell leather, I am the only person in our group who wants this gear.  Logically after clearing the first wing eight times you think that I would have all that I need and we would be sharding it some on occasion.  Logic doesn't belong in random loot land.  I have zero pieces of leather from the first wing.  This isn't a new trend it is the trend.  For this reason I have said no full time resto druids are welcome in our group.  I don't want to have to roll when the spell leather drops every other month.

Second, there are two handed weapons with strength on them in ICC.  Or so I have been told, I have never seen one drop in there.  I don't want one, which is nice for me.  The group has cleared the first wing 9 times not one has dropped.  Isn't that "interesting" as Blizzard would call it.

I believe that these bosses have eight drops and I know they drop two per kill.  Sadly for us these bosses seem to have about four drops on them and drop two of them per kill.  If I didn't know better I would think the game is programed to drop stuff you don't want to make there are enough abyss crystal for everyone.  Why else would spell plate drop all the time in ten mans?  You'd think each group had 4 holy paladins the way the stuff drops.  Spell cloth drops far less even though it is the only option for three classes.

While I'm complaining here a list of useless stupid trinkets in the game that make me wonder if the person itemizing this stuff is on crack.  Hmm. . . on second thought I'll just say the frost badge trinket for dps casters hurts my brain it is so bad.  Nothing says this game is too complicated for me and need "special help" than buying this trinket.  If you are caster and you have toc 10 trinket vendor it now, they are aweful.  If you need a trinket buy the emblem of heroism one, it is better.  I'm not using an ilevel 200 trinket because I couldn't get one of those pieces of garbage to drop.  Speaking of random loot both of our heroic faction champ kills dropped those things, nothing like blowing up 245 gear because it is worse than 200 gear.

Lastly, I hate weeds, the stupid things refuse to leave my yard alone.  I know the rest of you are buried in snow but it is 75 degrees here (not complaining about that) and rain helped weeds take over.  And another thing, whoever invented rope is a real a-hole.  Good thing I don't have that smile chart anymore.  That's all.


Bacon said...

Wow. Sorry to hear that about the loot issue. I was prepared to sit out Saurfang and let a priest in because we had a feeling that the staff would drop. But the priest didn't have the patch loaded on her machine and I had to be there for the event. Guess what dropped? Yep the staff and we had to shard it. :(

Sis said...

I hear you brother - I've been raiding on my resto druid for 3 weeks now and have not seen a single spell leather drop in any raids I was in. I'm healing ICC in badge and 5-man heroic gear atm -_-