Sunday, February 07, 2010

Change in Priorities

As we have gotten further into ICC I have done less dpsing.  Every fight we have to work on left I will be healing.  Well, there is that fight where you heal the dragon.  It looks as if we are going to try to 4 heal it.  Our prot paladin whom you probably have heard of is dieing to heal that fight.  If he successfully lobbies to be one of the three healers (if four doesn't work) for that fight I'm going to work on changing things around so I can dps the Blood Queen and Festergut.  I won't do that with the three princes though, that isn't fun to dps.

Assuming that doesn't happen (which is pretty safe) resto is my real main spec.  If I am only dpsing "farm" content the minimal dps loss from switching my ashen verdict ring and changing out a couple of gems won't matter.  The big difference would be spending my frost badges on on my tier healing gear.  My dps won't increasing like it would if I picked my four piece T10 but that isn't huge either.  I mean, I'm very lucky with drops and I'm sure I'll pick gear from voa anyway.

So, I need Blessed Cenarion Boots.  I almost have enough badges on my dk to buy two Primordial Saronite and have six thousand gold laying around to buy three more.  Finding someone who can make it would be nice.  The boots socketed would give me enough haste to drop Celestial Focus and use more traditional healing spec while still having 1 second global cooldowns.

As far as rolling on stuff goes, not sure what to do.  The way I roll on healing gear works well enough for me.  I pass anything that would be healing set only to our other healers and still get upgrades.  Really I wonder if I should be rolling on dps stuff.  Gear in my bags doesn't help us.  At this point there aren't that many things I would roll the casters on anyway.  Weapons off the Lich King are probably the only real quandary for me.

I know some of you are waiting for more guides from Lakini.  These take time, I apologize for the wait.  I'll try to make it worth it, that's all.

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