Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lakini's Guide to the Crimson Hall

Back by popular demand comes another perfect guide for ICC.  We will learn how to ranged tank, heal or dps the blood council and how to heal on the Blood Queen.  You will be able to  take advantage of my incredible knowledge to help your group win like I do.  I thought I would liven this up with pictures, which are part of separate post below this one.  I'm fairly lazy with screen shots these days.  Naxx was so easy I stopped taking them and never really got back in the habit.  So I drew so some sweet pictures to show you how it's done.

First we have three blood princes, they all failed somewhere and now are here to be killed again.  We run three tanks (one ranged) three healers (all ranged) and some other guys.  You dps an empowered one while the other have one hit point but don't die (which is stupid).   Each prince
has irritating abilities that cause trouble when they are empowered.  This fight is about execution so if you aren't good at that you should probably give up now just roll another alt.

The best way to maximize dps in this fight is make sure you are not the one shooting the stupid yellow balls.  By the way, there are stupid yellow balls that need to be dpsed in this fight.  When you hit them they float up, if they hit the ground the knock everyone back and do some damage.  Doing this kills you dps, so avoid this at all costs.  Other than that try to keep movement to a minimum, your dps is going to lower than on a normal fight.

I have also had the pleasure of being the ranged tank.  Moonkins make pretty bad ranged tanks for this fight.  I have trouble keeping aggro when the dps switches to my target.  The ranged tank has gather giant spheres (not balls) that spawn all over the room to be able to survive the damage.  Each one lowers the damage you take and you need at least four when your prince is empowered.  So when the dps would switch to my prince they had to pull back quite a bit to not get aggro.  My advice here is to find a hunter or lock to this.  They are better at it.

Healing this fight hasn't been real intense for me.  The biggest challenge is managing my innervate and my mana restore trinket since Stårk is a noob and goes oom if I don't innervate him.  I just make sure to use trinket on cooldown and innervate myself early then him once the cooldown is back up and I'm fine.  Otherwise I'm just trying to see how much over healing I can pull off.

The Blood Queen is not very nice, she gives out a dps buff that I want while doing enough raid damage that I have to heal.  The fight is fairly simple, but it isn't forgiving.  If any of your dps can't pull 5k dps normally then don't bother.  The enrage timer doesn't allow for such things.

There a few abilities us healers (and pretty much everyone else) must worry about.  She has an unnamed ability puts some red things over your head that attach to someone else red things on their head.  It does damage to both people and anyone else around.  You have to run together to break it.  You want to meet in the middle, if you run towards melee because you aren't watching where you are going someone might flip out.  You don't want that.  Hunters don't disengage, and rogues don't run the wrong direction, that is also bad.

She also has an air phase which is real fun.  She fears and then flies in the air and throws crap (not literally) at people.  As you may have guessed if people are near you it hurts a lot.  There is this whole biting and mind control thing which I won't go over as it isn't something healers need to worry about.  Unless Ofn comes to bite you during the air phase and you blow up.  So run from him, he has sprint so you need to be ready.

Lastly make sure your hots are up, your innervate is ready for Stårk and that your warlock remembers that you NEED replenishment.  He may forget if he is anything like ours.  That's all.

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