Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally Skilled

I'm sure many of you are confused by the title.  I mean, I'm skilled as they come, right?  Of course I am, what kind of stupid question is that?  The really stupid kind, in case you are wondering.  We finally killed that jerk Anub'arak on heroic.  We had about 35 attempts left, so we got a fancy achievement.

I scored a staff that I wanted until a week or two ago.  It is itemized better than other weapon combo I have, but is ilevel 245 and not 251.  Once I get my tier 10 gloves I'll have the hit I need to use it if it ends up being better.  I really wanted to upgrade my 232 balance gloves with a trophy, but I failed at rolling.  I use them for both healing and dps so they would have lasted my quite a while.  I still would have passed the them to Pinkshift who has tier 8 on still.  I guess, I mean, maybe 2 piece tier 8 is better, or maybe no one told him he could do heroics to get emblems to buy tier 9.  Got me there.

I'd like to go for the next achievement in there of clearing with 45 attempts left, but I won't hold my breath.  I'm not sure why I would hold my breath, I'm not underwater.  That saying sucks, unless you are pirate or something like that.  Anyway, people seems to hate that place.  I give about a 5% chance, the fact that wiping six times means we are done gives me my old shred of hope.  Which will no doubt be used as toilet paper and flushed as soon this is read, but oh well.

This post is getting a little crazy right now, not sure why.  Maybe it's because I'm typing crazy things or because of some other reason I don't know about.  So remember kids, say no to drugs, yes to books and maybe to candy, depending on who is giving it to you, or if there are any syringes or cauliflower in it.  That's all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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