Friday, March 12, 2010

Lakini's Guide to Randoms

This guide is mostly (pretty much all) for moonkins.  In a perfect world, guildies would do a random with you and you would get those frost badges you want.  Sadly most burned themselves out running them with alts everyday and don't need many more badges because they only fill one roll anyway.  In a less perfect world I could queue as a healer with decent queue times and do a random with no trouble.  Sadly in the world I'm in, most dps in randoms significantly under perform.  Folks in full tier 9 can't do the dps I could the day I hit 80.  I have given up on tanking on my dk due to having more than a couple of groups who didn't have the dps to kill bosses.  Which is incredible considering how easy heroics are.

So Lakini must suck it up and wait ten or more minutes to do his random, longer if he afks out of Occulus.  I have found that unless the tank or healer is beyond horrible that I can carry a group though just about any heroic.  Damage has inflated so much that one player can do the dps an entire group would do when we first hit 80.  Now it's time to find out Lakini's tips to maximizing your heroic dps.  Most people would charge money for this, or at least shipping and handling, not me.

First you must not run out of mana.  When you are drinking you are not dpsing and you have to be in the group longer.  Hurricane is your go to spell for pretty much everything that isn't a boss and eats your mana.  Innervate the first time you are at half mana and use on cooldown after.  The other tricks I use may not be available to you, too bad.  Being an alchemist I use my Endless Mana Potion on cooldown as long as I am out of combat.  It has a minute cooldown and if you in combat it won't start until after it is over.  I also use Sliver of Pure Ice on cooldown, any trinket with spell power with a regen proc or on use will help a bit.

As I said before hurricane is where it is at for clearing that stupid trash as fast as possible.  While Gale Winds isn't that great for icc, (not good even) I keep it for randoms.  30% more damage on aoe trash is quite a bit.  If Starfall isn't up for the pull moonfire one add then hurricane.  If it crits it procs Nature's Grace which is a big buff to your aoe.

Lastly I'd say don't complain about the failures that may end up in your group, in party chat anyway, Also don't bother complaining about it on the damage dealing forums either.  The people you are whining about will never read and on one cares.  Anyway keep the peace, just do way more dps than the scrubs get your emblems and be done.  That's all.

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