Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real Quick

Well, I'm taking a little break from blogging.  I have stuff to write about but I'm busy and not motivated.  So here's a quick update for you folks, which you no doubt have been dying for.

I picked up Vestments of Spruce and Fir, I knew it was the best resto chest piece available to ten man raiders but it is also better for dps than the 251 tier 10 balance chest.  At least according to a blog I read written by someone who knows math and such.  If math says it's better than I'll take it.

We are trying to kill the Lich King this week, we have six hours of wiping planned we should down him on Thursday.  I finally changed out my dps ashen verdict ring the healing one, I'm also staying resto for everything I do until I'm asked to dps in a raid.  I figure if I'm gonna be a tree when we down the Lich King I'd better off healing full time until the deed is done.  I'm not switching my ring back until I'm dpsing progression again which would be heroic mode.

Let's see, we made a twink guild which is not called Tony Danza thanks to Ofn, we got Fluffy Bunny Feet instead.  I would have gone with Wes Mantooth, but no one asked, that and I didn't think of it until today.  I'm starting out as a mage for convenience but there is a good chance I'll go disc priest or paladin of some kind.

I can't think of anything else to say or complain about, maybe next time.  That's all.

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Ofn said...

I'm all about influencing guild naming decisions.