Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Half Way Home

Well, you have probably noticed that Devolve has downed the Lich King.  The first time we successfully transitioned from phase 2 to phase 3 was the only time that was necessary.  Phase 3 is cake compared to phase 2 and the transition after.  I got to enter frostmourne where I healed an npc who will not be named for those who haven't done the fight.  It was pretty cool, would have been better if war stomp hadn't been on cooldown.  First time that has been a problem in pve for me.  That won't make mush sense if you haven't done the fight.  I'll explain it some other time (pro blogging right there).

More than anything I'm relieved.  The first ten bosses are fun (except Marrowgar, he sucks), then comes the brick wall of sadness that is Sindragosa and the Lick King.  I'm not really talking about difficulty, learning the fights is not fun.  Sindragosa just plain isn't fun, I'm not going to get into details, I'm getting ready to finish my guide, but no fun here.  No part of the fight is enjoyable and it takes forever to get to the difficult part.  Then if something does go wrong it's a wipe, well it was before the 10% buff in there.  The Lich King is actually a fun fight, but if you take as many attempts as we did to get him down, the horror that is phase 1 will get to you.  By horror I mean incredible boredom, if weren't for that disease that I have to run to a tank with I would be tabbed out for first three minutes of the fight.  I only heal that phase to help me stay awake, I really don't need to.

Well, this is getting whiny.  Like I said we are half way home and it's time to see who is going to disappear.  It will also be fun to see what if any changes will be made to our group to push heroic.  I'm pretty excited about it trying heroic mode, it's been almost two months on the last two bosses.  I can't wait to see what kind of pain the other bosses unleash on heroic and to finish up the last three achievements we need for the meta.

We are only doing one night of ICC this week, to give people a break I suppose.  I don't need a break from ICC, just from the Lich King.  We are going to be doing Ulduar to finish some achievements this week.  We haven't tried Mimiron hard mode in a long time.  We were probably just about right geared for it then, we way over gear it now.  I will probably cancel my account if we wipe, or at least yell at people on vent.  That's all.

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