Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Thoughts on the Druid Preview

Well, as you folks know I don't really concern myself with feral spec, two specs are enough for me to worry about.  There will be no reposting of the changes either, I have no time for that.  I do have to say I'm disappointed in the new base line talents, other than the mushroom one.  Adding feral abilities baseline is a horrible idea in my opinion.  Abilities I can only use in cat/bear form are generally not worth learning if you don't have a feral spec.  Every druid has some use for cylcone (maybe not in pve), the only baseline balance spell added to the game in the first two expansions.  There is zero use for lacerate or savage roar if you aren't feral specced, none.  Seeing the druid preview and having 2 out of 3 new abilities be fairly useless for me is a pretty big letdown.  It's part of being a hybrid though and not something special to druids.

So, you may have noticed there are quite a few resto druids who are crying about the changes, or lack changes.  I love the idea of having tree form being a cooldown, I would actually shapeshift during the fight rather than just look like a tree.  I get to use any of my spells without losing the passive buffs from tree form, sounds great to me.  Any of you out there who say you would have rolled a different healer if there wasn't tree form please reroll.  If you think what makes druid healing is looking like a tree please fail at another class, thanks.  I'm not down on folks who like and want to keep tree form full time, nothing wrong with that.  Just down on the "special kids" who think if you can't look like a tree then it isn't worth being druid.

The emo kids are also throwing a fit over the lack of new resto spells.  We are getting dispel magic which is wonderful, being the only healer who can't dispel sucks.  Maybe if they gave it a fancy name and hadn't announced that all healers would gaining the ability the children out there would have been happier.  The not getting a new spell crying is mainly driven by just wanting a something new.  I don't need any new abilities other than dispel.  Resto druids have everything they need in my experience, there is no healing job I don't have the tools handle.  They are also going to be making some changes to some spells as well, which should be interesting.  I'm hoping they mix things up enough with all the healers so I have more variety healing.  95% of my healing is done with two spells, I'd like to mix it up a bit.

The balance changes that have been released are on my wait and see list.  The eclipse change is something I need to see in action before I'm going to form an opinion on it.  They are scraping the current implementation and it looks as if they are getting rid of what people (I) hate about it, so that's good.  Magic mushroom should be fun, I'm going to need to see it in action and the different talents that go with it.  Balance druids are finally going to get a silence, which would be glorious.  It silences and drops a sun beam on the person and the silence sticks until they move out of it.  Root then silence with a couple cyclones after may prove to be op in a team setting.

I do wish they were giving moonkin form the tree form treatment.  I'd love a cooldown that shapeshifted me from caster form to an angry looking moonkin and buffed my damage.  It would be nice to not lose my 846 passive bonuses when I want to heal.  That is an issue that really needs to be addressed for pvp balance druids.  

Well, that's it.  I need to see some beta testing before I get to worried/excited about anything.  I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to stick with the balance/resto druid forever in pve.  If balance looks like it is going to on par with the other dps casters I'll pvp with it.  I'm going to level a mage and if balance isn't cutting that will be the way I go with pvp.  That's all.

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