Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lakini's Guide to the Frostwing

This has been a long time coming, luckily no one in their right mind is depending on my guides for anything other than sweet artwork.  I have been pretty slow with this hoping I would do well enough on Dreamwalker to write a guide about it, well that isn't happening anytime soon so here it goes.

First is a big green dragon that has some ugly things shooting some kind of death rays at it.  Success is healing the dragon to full health, it starts at 50%.  There are waves of trash mobs who attempt to stop you from doing so.  The dragon makes these portals that have green things that healers fly into, it gives you a stacking buff that last 30 seconds and increases your healing and mana regen.  The goal is to get as high a stack you can before you are zoned back into the fight.  Then you heal spam heal the dragon until she opens another portal and repeat.

Anything that happens in this fight that isn't taking portals and healing the boss in unknown to me.  This is one of only two fights I have not dpsed in ICC and hopefully I never have to.  Stårk and I go into the portals while Black stays out and heals the group.  About the only thing I do real effectively in this fight is innervate Black, sweet, sweet focus macros.

Honestly I haven't figured out the best way to go about this fight.  I generally use my standard spec and switch out my Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation for Glyph of Nourish.  I put up one lifebloom, rejuv, regrowth and spam nourish.  Since I always seem to fail at being near the front for the next set of portals I have plenty of running time to cast my instants.  I use my nature' swiftnesss healing touch macro when available and swiftmend if I remember.  With this method I do anywhere from 8 to 10k hps.  Which is adequate but quite a bit less than 13 to 14k that Stårk does.  It's barely better than what I do the Blood Queen.  The thing is, the fight is easy.  I don't need to be better for us to one shot it without breaking a sweat.  I haven't really worked at figuring out a better way to do it.

Now for the pain of Sindragosa, it's pain alright.  I am going to try my best to remember all the things that go in this fight.  Sindragosa is big dead dragon that hates you and wants to kill you.  Her voice is painful to listen to as well.

So phase 1, we tank the boss near the steps and try to convince Stårk to wait to put down his totems until after Honors has aggro.  She has this thing where a healer and caster dps get this stacking debuff.  Everytime you cast with it you get a stack and when it wears off you take damage.  I only go to about 5 stacks before I sit there for 5 or 6 seconds wondering who thought this was a good idea.  Speaking of good ideas 2 melee get a debuff that is fairly similar that stacks per attack.  Sucks if you dual wield.  There is also an aura that does raid wide damage and she will occasionally pull everyone to her and if you don't run away quick enough you get hit for enough to kill you unless you're a tank.

The hit/casting debuff is a horrible mechanic.  It does make the fight more challenging which is good, but not attacking as dps is not nor ever will be fun.  Since the game is supposed to be fun, this fails.  As a healer not healing for 5 seconds adds a challenge but isn't that bad.  Healing isn't about keeping up a rotation and try to max you hps.  It is about keeping people alive, I have stopped healing for five seconds just because no one needs a heal.  I have never stopped dpsing because the others have the dps covered.  I have only dpsed this a handful of times and I never want to again.  Having eclipse proc and then standing there forever isn't fun, jumping up and down and doing nothing sucks.  Not that I would do that, I would cast hurricane as my last cast so I would still be doing some dps while waiting.

There are air phases where she takes off and puts to people in blocks of ice.  She then shoots big frost bolts at the ground, you need to have the ice blocks between you and the frostbolt or you'll take around 20k damage.  She shoots four then lands again, you need to dps the ice blocks down to get the people out of them.  If you get them out too soon that is bad.

When she targets someone for an ice block they have about five seconds to find a good spot.  When she takes off into the air we gather on the stairs and have the two people move to the bottom.  This way there are never any frostbolts behind the group making it mush easier to los them. We repeat this fun until 35% when phase three starts.

Then the boss puts another stacking debuff on everyone which can be cleared getting los.  She will now ice block people like the air phase, you need to dps them down and use it take remove the debuff.  As long as you manage your 37 debuffs and don't get multiple people in ice blocks this phase isn't that tough.  The enrage timer can be an issue but with 10% damage buff it shouldn't be.

So, that's my guide there, enjoy it.  I'm sure my knowledge and vagueness will propel you and your raid group to new heights of excellence and success.   For those of you waiting to see my visual guide my scanner is failing me and I don't feel like fixing it.  That's all.

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