Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm rerolling for Cataclysm

It's a simple as that.  I'm sure most of you have read that tree of life form is going to be a cooldown and not a permanant.  There is a huge and very rational uproar on the wow forums.  When I'm healing I will not always be a tree?  No way!!!!!

Are you serious, I mean, if I'm not going to look like a treant how am I supposed to heal.  I'm not healing in caster form, that's stupid.  I mean, I won' t have leaves, what the hell?  No leaves, no branches, no trunk.  Clearly resto druids will no longer be desired in raids or any content for that matter.  What use is a healer that doesn't look like a plant?

What's gonna happen to that big necklace, I was gonna paint that thing purple at some point.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe the druid I rolled nearly 5 years ago in anticipation of healing as a tree once the first expansion hit is being screwed over like this.  This is the greatest injustice in the history mankind.  Why must I suffer like this?

Resto druids were perfect and now they are going to be rotting piles of garbage wrapped in dirty diapers that cats died on.  I mean all the spells, the mobillity, being able dispel magic, who cares about that?  It's not like that crap matters.  It's all about looking like a treant and not caster.

I'm going to roll a shaman who also isn't a tree and heals in a regular caster form.  Since Shaman have never had tree form it doesn't matter that it will pretty much the same as if just used my druid.  I mean if I can't be a tree druid I'll be a different healer that isn't a tree.  Anyone who isn't mentally challenged can see the logic here.  It's not stupid to reroll to a different class because of a cosmetic change that will have me looking the same as the new character I choose.

On a less pretend rant note I realize the change is more than cosmetic but threatening to reroll over the change before seeing how it works is beyond stupid.  I'm sure the well thought posts out there are by the same folks who hated the idea of tree form and hated how it looked when it was introduced.  I'll get around to putting my thoughts about the druid changes on here later.  Can't wait for that can you?  Oh and the sky is falling, THAT IS ALL!!!!!!


Ellevis said...

Just wait for the Pally changes, they are legendary QQ'ers.

Also, since you were looking at being a mage for cataclysm, the changes they are making to them look awesome.

Joe said...

I'm just glad to hear ppl will go shaman. The shaman changes look nice.

There are enough bad paladins as it stands. I, too, am looking forward to ignoring all of the QQ.