Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I know that at some point I need to bust out a sweet Frostwing Halls guide among other planned posts, but it is story time.  Grab some popcorn, or cookies, maybe some gold fish crackers and get ready for a poorly written, details forgotten and rushed because I don't have the patience to include everything story.  After reading this you'll see why I rarely do this.

One night after our ICC raid had concluded (early because of me) I decided it was time for a random heroic.  I pleased to see that I got Heroic Halls of Reflection with not one other players gearscore over 4400.  I normally pay no attention to gs for heroics because they are easy and I am overgreaed enough to make it work no matter how bad they are.  Unless it is heroic hos, I have had better geared groups fail, and didn't give the guys a chance.  Which I should have, bailing before we even tried was a bit lame on my part.

So to kill time I logged onto my dk to do a random while my deserter thing went away.  Despite my noobness at tanking I can handle any nonicc heroic.  I got Halls of Stone which is long and stupid, but that's what I get for bailing on the other guys right?  The healer was decently geared while the rest of us were a little noob that way.  The dps was pretty bad, I was second damage rocking my 1700 dps.  Didn't matter no wipes no issues until we finished the ever exciting part with Brann.  We had already done the rock boss but could still skip Maiden.  Four of us wanted to kill her the healer didn't, now to be fair clearing to the boss and killing her even with our bad group took about five minutes.

Just before I pulled the first group on the way to Maiden one of the dps asked if we were going to kill the other boss.  The healer said we weren't and that I was going the wrong way.  This didn't sit well with me, he wasn't in charge, and he wasn't going to tell me and the rest of the group what bosses we were going to do.  I kept pulling to the boss I got a whisper asking me if I was reading party chat which I wasn't.  I didn't care where he wanted to go.  He stopped healing on the last pull at some point but none of us died.  He then started typing some nonsense and said he wasn't going to heal me.  He left the group before I could start a vote to kick him.

We got a new healer in about 10 seconds and took another 5 minutes to finish the instance.  What I hadn't noticed was that the healer was from my server which meant he could write me long messages that I could ignore.  I did respond with a "You mad buddy?" he was too busy working his tenth grade english skills on me to notice.

Now I'm not going to reveal the identity of the child in question.  That night I still thought there might be chance that he was an adult and if he was I would mess with him, I don't pick on kids.  He kept typing me messages about how important I thought I was and about how my gs was low.  I sent him a tell letting him that I was going to log and I was a crappy alt tank and if he wanted to keep going on he could write me a novel and mail it to me.  I switched back to Lakini to do my daily and hopped on vent to tell my story to Boston (my guild leader for those of you who are new around here).  He suggested I make a blog post a belittling the player in question and claim I was having an illicit affair with his mother in both trade chat and on our realm forums.  At least that's my recollection, it was late and I forget things and make up stuff.  After a problem free random I logged on my dk to check my mail there was nothing.

The next night I logged on my dk to check my mail again, I was really disappointed.  I got message that removed all doubt the kid couldn't be old enough to drive.  In his message titled novel, he asked to mail my main.  Really bro?  You couldn't figure out who my main is?  I sent him response letting him know that the fact he couldn't figure out my main meant that whatever he had to say wasn't worth my time and to not bother mailing me anything else.

For those of you who didn't notice my death knights name is Deadlakini, my mains name is Lakini.  In fact every alt I use has "Lakini" in the name.  Get it?  So what you would do to unravel the mystery of who my main is is to log onto the armory and search for Deadlakini.  You would then click on the guild tab and near the top of the list is Lakini.  If you are not a total and complete intellectual failure you would surmise that Lakini would be Deadlakini's main.  Boy wonder, who's mail which was mostly about my bad gear is rocking a 5200 gs including a sword with hit and some crappy gems.  Which is fine, unless you are calling me out about my gear and calling me bad.  Dude has never killed any boss past Suarfang and his gs is over five behind mine in either my resto or balance gear.

Once again gs is a number and something I am not nor will I ever brag about.  It was the tool idiot boy was using to tell me how he was better than me.  He didn't even bother to armory me and try figure who my main was.  He just assumed that he and his sweet gs plus achieves would just blow mine away.  His gs is actually about the same as my dks dps gs will be when I get around to spending my emblems.

So let this be a lesson to you kids, before you get all condescending on someone make sure they are on their main.  You could also try killing a boss outside the the first wing of ICC and using all epic gems.  Once again, I'm not bragging about my gearscore and I never told the kiddo what is was.  I didn't turn and rub it in his face, troll him in trade or on the realm forums.  I haven't heard from him today and assuming he has figured out who my main is I doubt I ever will.  That is all!!!!!


Blue said...

Your GS Sucks.

Lakini said...

True, I'm being held back by our guild's dps warrior. When he get's his act together I'll start getting heroic ICC gear.