Monday, March 29, 2010


I have seen my last idiotic complaint about gs without making a good old rage post. " GS = no life" really?  I mean really?  Nothing screams "I'm a 14 year old and my mommy doesn't let me play during the week because I'm failing at ninth grade english than spouting that stupidity.  GS = mod, right?

For those of you who do not know what Gearscore is (what you are doing reading this if you don't I'm not sure) it is mod that assigns a "score" to your gear.  People with the mod can mouseover you and see your score.  There are other features that get more in depth that know one has ever used before so they aren't relevant to this post.

So this is how it works, some guy in trade is all LFM ICC 10 5.2 GS.  I know that sometimes folks will request gearscores that are over the top, but that's not what this is about.  Then some guy who doesn't have a gearscore high enough to get an invite posts something stupid in trade, and the beat goes on.

Getting a gearscore that will get you into icc 10 is possible to get without doing a raid.  You can do enough random heroics to get the gear you need.  Getting into toc 10 isn't very difficult either, same with voa 10.  They also have these things called guilds, you could join one and get into randoms quicker and even do a guild raid (crazy I know).  If you spend anytime playing this game with a level 80 you can get a good enough score.  If you don't have enough time then what are doing trying a tier 10 raid?  I have been trying to figure who would be the typical player out there who gs is ruining there ability to raid.  I think I have it.

You are a dude in your early 20's about six foot, ripped abs huge arms you know, women want you, men want to be you.  You have already become a millionare due to your incredible intellect and charm.  You spend most of your time hanging with Snoop, P. Diddy and the like, with a supermodel on each arm.  With all the parties at the playboy mansion and what not you don't have much time for wow.  With the rest of life coming so easy you log into wow in between love making sessions wanting to a raid, thinking it will be no different.

You try and try but people won't take you because of your gearscore, they don't care that you can do 10k dps in your naxx gear.  They assume because you haven't logged in six months and haven't enchanted half your gear that you won't be able to carry them.  So you being witty, you point out how gs doesn't not equal skill in trade then log of to your choice of women to have sex with.

That's it right, it's not that your some stupid kid who plays a couple of days a week wants to be carried though end game right, can't be.  It's that you can't stop women from ripping your clothes off so you can't play, not that you just want godmode on an mmo and want to raid when you feel like it.

If you are too lazy to put in some time to gear your character so you are geared enough to the content you want then too bad.  It's too easy for someone to see that you aren't geared.  Even if you are good enough to pull your weight in lesser gear.  95% of people can't and no one has an obligation to give you a chance or to carry you.  You see the problem isn't a mod, it is you want to do whatever you want in game without getting the gear required.

I don't want any "I'm busy" whining.  I work full time am married with two kids, volunteer one night a week and my alt I play only on weekends would be geared for ICC if had played more than once in the last three weeks.  That last sentence was pretty long.  If it isn't worth the time to gear your toon then it must not be that important.  If you want to be entitled don't do it in trade please.  Well, I feel better, you probably feel great as well.  I mean this is a great post, it's certainly better than doing work or doing a boring random.  That's all.


Braincramp said...

The only issue I have with Gearscore is that most people want a 5.5K GS on my sever for ICC. I am sitting just below 5.2K and have some buddies that are going to get me into ICC. Honestly, I do understand the need for quality gear and back in tBC most people used your imba score to get in raids. So, this is just a new way to check your gear without alt tab to your other window.
I just wish that people wouldn't take it so serious that if you are sitting at 5180-5199 GS you don't get invited. I am in favor of the Gearscore mod, but it just shows the potenial Dps, and most of us that know our toon can push the limit I know people that have 5.7k GS that I out Dps and then they ask me to stick around to copy my spec and get the shot priority I run on my hunter.

Lakini said...

Gearscore does make it easier for people to make stupid gear requirements.