Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lakini's Past, Vanilla wow on Altar of Storms

So back in May of 2006 five of us rerolled onto the newest pvp server at the time Altar of Storms.  We switched servers so we could get decent bg queues.  The only way to do this was go either pvp/alliance or pve/horde.  We renamed the guild Heroes Inc, my idea, Corpse Campers was shot down.  Ferth, Sameth, Nolio and I stuck with our previous classes and Sticker decided to make a mage.

I thought for a while about what I would do if I rerolled, figuring it might happen.  I decided to roll a female rather than male on my druid.  If you checked out my armory from my first Lakini's Past post you may have noticed the hot pants I was wearing.  I went with gathering professions on my main (skinning/herbalism), to gather for while my alt was a alchemist and leatherworker.  This way I would gather while playing my druid and mail what I gathered to my alt

It didn't take long to recruit some folks.  Ferth's friend from some other game joined us, a druid named Origami.  We also added a group friends, Ashur Lilura, Agamemgnome and Robella.  We did a decent job of leveling together.  We had some folks who leveled faster and some who leveled slower (much slower).  I leveled my druid and my rogue at the same pace until 40 to pass the time.  I leveled instancing and pvping.

My focus at this time was pvp, I knew nothing of raiding other than it required 40 people and that I wanted no part of that.  I ran warsong gulch at level 18 until I was friendly for the sweet gear you could get.  I followed that pattern in each bracket, grinding rep and honor as I leveled.

We did every instance at least once leveling up, except Shadowfang, because Ferth was our tank and didn't want to.  It was pretty cool leveling this way and I think it's why I hate solo leveling.  I enjoyed leveling as a group and not rushing to 60.  When we had enough people to form two instance groups our jerk feral druid would try to get it so I would tank as balance so he could dps as feral.  That's how those Canadians are though.

There was a pvp guild leveling at about the same pace we were called Focus.  They were good and I enjoyed pvping with them.  They split into two guilds the other being SlashSpit they ran bgs and I never lost with them.  This was by far my favorite pvp experience in my 5 years if wow.  We didn't just roll people we also played other very good teams once cross server bgs came out.  I really hope rated bgs can bring this back

Once we all got past level 50, the Focus pvp conglomerate started to fall apart.  I could start doing av so I used that to increase my wonderful pvp rank.  We started to run our won full warsong groups, which we crushed everything in our sight.  Most people hurried from level 50 up, we faced alot of level 50 to 52's easy kills.  Around this time a druid named Baconstrip joined the guild, he left to help his friends with there guild.  Soon after he returned and his friends Krawl, Jenet, Talonfist, Robzwench joined us.  I remember what classes they played I don't feel like saying what they were.

As BC neared we had picked up our key to UBRS and we able to clear it.  Our focus was trying to do ZG.  It was tough recruiting enough people, we started seeing the folks who were with us long enough to get some gear to get into 40 man guilds.  We were about ready to tackle ZG when one "special" person who was new to the guild had a meltdown in UBRS and got his 6 or 7 friends to quit.  That was the end of any attempt to do ZG until after bc came out.  I had been part of the raid when it started but had to bail because my baby got mad.  I wasn't there when the drama went down, so I don't remember/know what happened,

In the last month or so before the expansion hit, a paladin named Honorshammer joined the guild.  He wanted tank, I don't remember if that ever worked out for him.  We also got a group of friends who joined around that time.  A rogue named Sylvara, a hunter Pheona (or something like that) and a warrior Danath.  A couple of kids Ferth knew joined near the end of vanilla Sevenn the paladin and Faceraser the mage.

We had some other folks join who stuck didn't really fit into my story, or I forgot about.  Sucks for them, they could have been mentioned in a blog some people read.  They blew it, that's all.

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