Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I did it My Way

As I have been working on my Lakini's Past posts the biggest mystery for me in wow has come back to mind.  I had forgotten about it through wotlk, it's not something I worry about anymore.  The question is why do some many people fail at gemming/gearing/knowing how to play and still want to raid and think they need a raid spot?  I have never been able to figure why people who have no time to enchant their gear or look on the internet on how to play their class would get emo when they didn't get raid/instance invites.  It's because you are bad and people don't want to carry you.  I'm not you tour guide to a raid, your supposed to contribute and being outdpsed by a bc moonkin means you are not pulling your weight (unless you were another hybrid of course).

To be fair (not that life is), Blizzard does a terrible job at helping noob players in game.  There should be a tutorials, keybinds, macros and other such things in game as well links provided in game to websites on how to play.  Most players have no idea about this stuff leveling, I know I didn't.  You go along being terrible, making up some weird spec until some kind person helps you, or some jerk lets you know how bad you are doing.  Dps meters should be part of the blizzard ui, how else is dps supposed to know how effective they are?

One type of player out there I love Mr. Sensitive.  This guy makes the women from that horrible bachelor show look like they have together.  This guy cries more than my three year old daughter.  Anything that might construed as criticism is a personal attack.  Giving this guy advice is like telling a pregnant women she's being over sensitive.  They may leave your guild, it's more likely refuse to raid or even log in for a few days.  This person needs time to deal with emotional trauma.  If you can't handle someone asking you about your rotation or giving you a tip, get therapy.  If that is too expensive for you then just get a first person shooter and turn on god mode.  You won't have to be good nor will anyone try to help you.

Back in bc we had a rogue who was just bad.  Of course a wonderful guy, but not good.  He didn't want to do Kara anymore on his rogue because he had pvp gear, which was awful for pve.  He was rolling with like 64 hit and didn't enchant most of his gear.  Our guild leader spent a lot of time putting together a personal message to help him improve his dps.  I played a rogue at the time so he sent me a copy to check it out before he sent it to him.  It was a really good guide with good info.  Soon after receiving it the guy quit the guild.

That is exactly what he should have done, someone taking the time to help you improve your toon when are far to lazy too is rude and selfish.  Why should he pull his weight?  That was my and a few other peoples job.  No wait, the guy is jerk for thinking that he can suck all he wants, play however he wants and that other should invite him to raids whenever he felt like going.  This guy managed to combine sucking, ignorance and being over sensitive.  Sadly this isn't that uncommon.

My favorite has to be the guy has to the "I did it my way" player.  This guys knows how to research his class and he knows he is doing it wrong.  He knows how to spec, but following a guide and using a "cookie cutter" spec isn't fun.  There is room in any spec of any class for your own flavor while using an optimal spec.  That's different enough for this guy, he skips important talents in favor of ones that are useless.  This guy is always near the bottom on dps, which why you bothered to check his spec.  His dps is terrible for his level of gear, his goal isn't to be as good as he can be, it's to feel like he special for doing it "his way".

The great news for me is I don't raid with anyone who fits any these molds here.  I'll see these guys in heroics but spending 20 minutes in really easy content with them isn't a big deal.  Do not try to change these people, you are wasting your time.  I still feel bad for my old buddy Ferth for all the time that guy put into trying help drama queens like these to be burned by most and have to carry the rest.  That guy was too nice (not a problem I deal with).  That's all.


Bacon said...

So true Lakini. It's either listen and improve or move on. I wouldn't be the resto that I am without listening to Ferth's input or reading up on forums.

Blue said...

I am enjoying these "Historical" posts that reveal the past.