Monday, May 31, 2010

Ruby Sanctum 10 man Loot

It looks like the loot table for Ruby Sanctum is set.  There may be some changes and there should be.  From my perspective it's a pretty big failure.  You can see said failure at  As we know Blizzard is going to making loot the same for 10 and 25 mans in Cataclysm.  It looks like who ever designed the loot table here hates that idea and wants to piss off ten man raiders one more time.

It was obvious that the loot tables for ICC 10 and 25 were designed thinking people would be running both.  They left some holes in the ten man loot table and Ruby Sanctum seems like the perfect place to fill in some of the gaps.  As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason why the put the gear in that they did.

Five out of the eleven pieces have higher ilevel equivalents that can be crafted or purchased with badges.  Just under half the loot table worse than what's currently available?  People are paid for this, they get money to design this loot.  I realize that a certain spec may get more benefit from one of these pieces than the 264 pieces but that isn't an excuse.

I now know I will be using a healing trinket the rest of this expansion.  With zero viable trinkets available for the last two tiers through badges and zero viable trinkets available in TOC 10 and now Ruby Sanctum, I'm out of options.  There is one good trinket in ICC 10 and you can't equip both the heroic and non heroic versions, ensuring you will have one crappy trinket if you don't run 25 man content.  Of course as rare as trinket drops are 25 man raiders have two trinkets available in ICC 25 and now one in Ruby Sanctum, nice work.

Here's my list of what's missing in ICC.  I'm sure my fellow ten man raiders out there can make even better lists if you thought about it.

1. No caster offhand without hit
2. No cloak, neck or ring with haste and spirit
3. No one hand caster weapons (equipable by me) without mp5 (other than LK) but two with it
4. No leather caster bracers or helm with haste
5. No cloak with haste and crit

None of these things drop in Ruby Sanctum, not one.  They'd have to make a pretty big loot table to address everything they decided ten man raiders didn't need in ICC but it's pretty clear no effort was made to do so.  As hard as it is to get a raid together these days one kill on regular and one on heroic is all I'll need of that place.  That's all.

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